Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adding Some Color

We attempt to teach our kids about the Lord through various means. Once in a while we stumble on a good idea that helps us teach a God idea.

Thanks to a blog friend for introducing me to Praying in Color, by Sybil MacBeth. It is a creative idea of praying while doodling.

For Christmas I got my doodle queen (Skyler) the Kids' edition, a sketch pad and some fun markers.

She loved the idea and it brought a whole new dimension to her prayer times.

Prior to our school break (of which we are in week 2) I purchased a sketch book, fun pens and colored pencils for all 3 of my kiddos.

I presented the concept and shared how each morning instead of turning on the TV or playing Wii the first thing we would do, in addition to reading our bibles, is have our own special time to “pray in color”.

The idea was a hit….bibles and sketch books were set out the night before and each child rose ready to put their prayers on paper.

We've had fun discussing pics/prayers with each other and agreeing together in prayer for various needs.

It is a great concept for all ages (I even set my prayers to color sometimes)…Tori can’t read or always articulate her prayers but she loves to color and she’s getting the “just talk to God about what you are drawing” idea.

So “in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, the Franzenfam is presenting our requests to God”….and some days it gets pretty colorful!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holiday Week 1 Review

Nope not away on vacation just away from school....the Franzenfam kids just finished up week one of school holiday. It was filled with an array of fun and went far to quickly. Have a peek...

There were facials with friends....

Sleepovers and ice-skaing......

(see what happens when my kids stay up too late)

Lots of this for Mr. Goalie

(Official goalie shirt forthcoming...the Star Wars PJ shirt will do for now, can you guess who randomly pulled that shirt from his drawer?)

A concert 'under the stars' for Mom and Pop

A little rain

Yet the highlight of the week was the time spent at Impact Kid's pre-school....

Skyler was truly touched. She said, "Mom, being with the Impact Kids confirms my calling as a teacher." Now that is some good holiday stuff!

The Franzenfam Week One Holiday Review = 2 Thumbs Up!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...and Weekend

I hoped to post some pics for "Bits of My Weekend" however seeing it is Wednesday, other than this disclaimer I'll go wordless with bits from my weekend.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lots to Celebrate!

I feel a bit distant from the blog world…not for lack of interest or even time as I’m not any busier than the next person. I think it is more along the lines of starting a new season of life and trying to find my footing. With my 3 kiddos in school 5 days a week I am venturing into the “working moms” world. And just when I feel I am getting in a rhythm something inevitably comes up and throws it off. All that to say, it is not for lack of blog fodder as there is plenty of excitement happening with the Franzenfam.

As a matter of fact, I awoke this morning feeling like a bottle of champagne. Not necessarily drinking it although I quite enjoy a good toast and good champagne.

But more of being able to relate to it…I know it is a new one for me too. I’m actually feeling quite full lately so much so that if the cork is removed I just might burst with good stuff oozing all over. I have much to toast about. I feel God’s goodness in this season of my life and am very grateful. So in keeping with my bubbly analogy I’ll take the lid off and share a little of the good stuff….

March 4 marked our 6 years of residing in Africa. Here's a look at the Franzenfam pre-Africa...you'll notice the littlest member missing from the photo; Victoria was still in the secret place.

I hold this anniversary dear as it marks the beginning of a new venture, of a dream becoming a reality and a new level of faith in my God. Weekly I am asked, “Don’t you miss America?” (South Africans find it strange that someone would leave the ‘land of milk and honey’). My reply resolute…I dearly miss my family and friends that the many miles separate but SA has become home to my whole family and it is the place where the Franzenfam belongs right now.

So I raise my coffee cup (grab whatever you have at the moment) and toast to this wonderful country that honestly irks me at times yet has brought forth such meaning and dimension in my life. “cling…cling”

Stick with me there is more bubbly to pass around….

This week, March 10, dog-eared another special place in our season of life and journey here in Africa. After 2 years of plowing and waiting and plowing and plowing and PRAYING….a grant was approved and THREE containers were added to the Impact Kids' property giving us a nice office, huge kitchen that will feed hundreds eventually, and another classroom.

Our 7 little ones that started in Feb have grown to 19 and with this additional container/classroom that number will double when we open class for ages twos and threes, in April. Will post pics at http://www.impactafricablog.blogspot.com/ this weekend.

A toast to the many prayers, generous giving and faithfulness of the Provider to bring such a wonderful thing to fruition! We trust a community will be touched in a very tangible way as a result.

And my final toast…..To my man! Today marks 16 years of walking this road together. It hasn’t always been an easy journey but I’m grateful to have walked it with Rich side by side. (A more recent picture)

Babe, here’s to many more years of doing life together. God blessed me big time when he gave me you! Bring on the bubbly!

Thanks for letting me spill over a bit and share these highlights with you. Now take the lid off and share what you’re celebrating…

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Other than the obvious fact that my meek and mild child is inching closer and closer to wild and wacky, can you help but notice the mess?

This is what I came upon when fetching her from school yesterday.

Tori: “Mom, we painted today.”

Me: “Really, I would have never guessed.”

Apparently painting on your clothes is a lot more fun than on paper.

Oh, and she is wearing a WHITE bathing suit cover-up because it was also swimming day at school. Too bad the painting did not precede the swimming.