Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mr. Creative

My 3 were recently invited to a birthday party for a girl named "Ruth". Their task was to come dressed as anything beginning with the letter "R". My ambitious one (literal meaning of Skyler) organized her "Rock star" outfit. Tori wanted to be a rabbit and Blake, well he did not get into it until the morning of the party.

Fortunately for me (hee), I was spending the day with our new interns and Daddy was on kid duty. As I drove out of the drive I waved goodbye, enjoyed a nice guilt free sigh and said a prayer for Dad's creativity.

Well I know I married a brilliant man but little did I know he was Mr. Creative. He came up with Blake's "R3" costume. R2D2's cousin?? and/or robot in one of the Star War's movies....

Well done!

No Tori isn't sick, she is a rabbit wearing a pink camel shirt with a pink nose and ponytail ears done up by her big sis.

So next time I have one of my favorite tasks like this one, I know just who to delegate it to... My Mr. Creative!