Tuesday, October 22, 2013

China Update

I had the amazing privilege to travel to China with Act4theNations team from America, and two beautiful ladies from South Africa.  I have yet to report on my trip as I feel my attempt to articulate all that transpired in and through this team will be a feeble one at best. I’m also limited in what I can write publicly making the post even more difficult.  Alas, I will try....

We held two different women’s conferences specifically for those that hold an international passport and are “working” there.  Interestingly enough, many of the attendees of the first conference were African, coming from the University.  I felt right at home as I was one of the speakers that was able to share with these precious ladies on their Identity.  True to African form and kudos to the Acts4 team that has built strong relationships over the past few years with these ladies, they were so open and ready to receive all the was given.  We heard incredible testimonies of ladies being set free from past situations, circumstances and difficulties that kept them feeling insecure and of no use.  One of the teachers at the University even felt she received her “specific work” (similar work to what I am doing in Africa) to a very closed and difficult nation.  That being one of many highlights of the weekend with these ladies.

Our second conference was in the city of Shenyang, again geared to ladies holding an international passport, but many were very established in their “life and work” there.  96 ladies representing various cities attended and the fun continued.  Again we saw incredible times of ministry, themes of messages formed together as if every word was planned (and it was by THE Author).  I was honored to be apart of the speaking team again at this conference, where we shared on a Deeper Walk of Faith.

Over the years I’ve spent a bit of time onstage speaking but never have I walked in such a peace and confidence that the words I would be speaking were aptly ordained by my Father for such a time as this.  The team as a whole walked in this peace and the ministry times that followed each session and throughout the weekend were astounding!
In between the conferences we had some other life changing encounters that I am unable to fully divulge in words or pictures. And after the team left I stayed a few days in Beijing with some of our friends that have come to South Africa over the years to help us in our “work”.  It was such fun to be on their turf and see all that is happening in and through them.  I was truly inspired.  There is a lot of good happening in this city and country!

I did partake of the local cuisine and we had a cuppa...or two at one of my favorite establishments, Starbucks, both of which I throughly enjoyed.

I am truly honored, humbled and incredibly thankful to have had this opportunity.  It is one that has changed me and one that will not be forgotten. 

Join me in a prayer for this nation and these ladies that were impacted as well as for ourselves, that He who began a good work in ME, THEM, YOU, WILL finish it unto completion!

For all that enabled me to go on this trip through your prayers and support, I say a profound, THANK YOU!  Many lives were impacted, including mine!