Monday, September 17, 2007

Blast Off

We created a count down leading up to our departure for America. This was to help eliminate the daily question of “how many more sleeps until we go to America” from my very anxious kiddos. Well in their excitement the count down went askew and we’ve been down to one day til departure for 4 days now. Finally this morning they could tear of the #1 revealing the last card which reads, “Blast Off”. They are pumped as am I!

We enter the friendly skies at 6 p.m. Joburg time (noonish for most of you) and remain there for 18 hours. Lord help me! So as you are eating lunch, a prayer for peace, rest and sanity on our behalf would be much appreciated.

Tuesday we will touch down and I will set foot in the same country as most of you…how exciting. I’ll be sure to toast the occasion with a Starbucks latte.

I plan to blog my America adventures as time allows as well as check in with my blog friends via your blogs (and a few of you in person—yea!). It might be a bit sporadic but know I am around and for a few weeks an ocean closer!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Women and their shoes

What is it about shoes that make most women like a kid in the candy store? Mesmerized by all the different colors, sizes, and styles yet a tad more in price than the average lollipop.

Even my 2 year old loves her shoes. I got her a new pair of crocs the other day…the imitation ones that is…really not into paying $50 for shoes she will grow out of in 3 months and found the $8 ones do just fine. So do you think she was happy with the new purchase…….

….so much so she would not part with them for 3 days AND NIGHTS straight. No the picture is not staged, I snapped it mid-REM. Most kids sleep with a teddy bear or blanket...mine likes to take her shoes to bed. Don’t you love how she is clinging to her hot pink candy with her pinky finger and thumb?

Can’t help but wonder what she dreamt that night?! Also pondering if she loves her shoes at age 2 what will her closet look like when she is a teenager? Guess I better start saving.

Monday, September 10, 2007

7 days and counting....

In a mere week we will be on a plane bound for the Sunshine State. The short of the long is that the whole fam is heading to the USA for a visit.

Last week about did me in- we all passed around respiratory ailments and the worst went to me. In addition to our sickness we had 6 workers tearing the majority of our house walls apart and repairing them due to damp damage (very common here due to the way homes are built).

My house was a complete mess….I had to find alternate sleeping arrangements for the kids as their rooms were among the ones being torn apart. We couldn’t go in our living or dining room so eating and entertaining the kids became a chore. I woke up last Thursday feeling so anxious and overwhelmed I cried and the day had only just begun.

Well God is faithful, I had lots of help in putting my house back together, my sickness is fading and my spirits are high once again. But I will say the USA trip provided my silver lining and its sights helped pull me through!

The hardest part about coming back is knowing I can’t see everyone that I would like! Other than a short trip to Tulsa the kids and I will remain in Florida with my family (my parents and my brother and his fam are there). Rich will travel a bit more but a large part of this trip focus is to spend time with family and have some R&R. We have not seen my family in 2 years so are ready to have some fun with them. Also it has been a great season/year for us but a long one at that and we need a break. I am not ashamed to say we are taking one!

So to all my blogging friends (new and old) in the Tulsa area let’s start planning a get together

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Music to my ears...

"Mommy, I lub you!"

And speaking of ears, notice anything new about Tori's?

Monday, September 03, 2007

My Kind of Flirting

….yea, you heard me right; read on…..

September 1 marked the first day of Spring in our global position. And although my allergies tell me it is definitely Spring, my eyes see remnants of winter yet the temperatures indicate we are on the brink of summer.

This weekend temps soared into the 80’s and it will remain nice and warm all week. My kids are running around in t-shirts and shorts, we’ve pulled out the SPF to keep from burning our pasty white bodies and we are contemplating trading in the heaters for our fans.

Halleluiah, Spring is here and is flirting with Summer! And let me tell you it is causing some serious heat!

That’s my kind of flirting!!

What is yours? (hee)