Monday, August 30, 2010

The Silver Lining

A post for the Franzenfam Grandparents...

The toughest thing about living on another continent is not the lack of Starbucks but the inability to see regularly the ones we love dearly.

Tori had her Grandparent's tea at school last week. It took her a while to process why neither of her Grandmas could jump a plane and be there to watch her sing. Convincing her that where they would love nothing more than to be present, it was not possible. So her next guessed it, her daddy!

With a touch of baby powder he was ready to go!

Each Pre-school class had their "number" to perform.

I love the little guy next to Tori; he reminds me of a cartoon character..

After song and dance, we were served tea by the Grade 5's. Skyler was the waitress for our table...

Baby powder aside, we will be goin' gray all too soon. My silver lining....look who I get to grow old with....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Day in the Life of Tori

..well an Athletics Day anyway!

All the Kindergarten classes had an athletics day (track and field) at school. It was cute to see all the moms and dads with their cameras and video cameras.

The festivities commenced and the kids were off to a running start...

Despite Tori's goofy form those little legs go pretty fast.

Next was the Under-Over Relay.



And to her delight her team came in first place.

Next was long jump.

The Approach

And the Jump

Javelin was up next

Nice Form

Okay so she probably doesn't have a promising future in javelin....

And of course friends made the day all the more special.

The Three Blondie's

And Tori with her favorite friend, Amanda...

Amanda is one of the little girls from a nearby christian run orphanage. Tori was able to attend Amanda's birthday party at the orphanage and thought it was the coolest place...."to live with your friends". Sweet, eh?

That's a running glimpse at A day in the Life of my mini-athlete.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Real Meaty One

Rich and I decided to treat our Outreach Staff to something special. I kidnapped the 2 gals and they slept over, enjoyed a hot shower, slept with a heater in their room, ate some good food, did laundry and just had a short reprieve from the teams and "mission conditions". You know "Girl stuff".

What did Rich and the guys do? Take a look...

BTW, Rich is donning his Star Wars' shirt that Blake gave him for Father's Day.

You know, "Guy stuff"

When I asked where the pics of the 3 other guys were I was told, "We were too busy eating to be snap a group picture."

A real meaty post.... bones about it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gettin' in the Groove Again

This crew is gettin' back in the Franzenfam "normal busy" groove (for pics on crazy busy groove click here)...

Saturday morning we all headed out to watch our soccer man play some ball.

Our Mr. Goalie...

Has been getting some field time too. The team has been doing amazingly well...still undefeated!

After a pep-talk from Coach. Love this picture!

He was all over the ball...

He beats his opponent

Did you notice his tongue strategy?

He shoots
He scores (and wipes out)

Woo-hoo! Team won 9-1

Stay tuned for more Franzenfam back in the groove pics!

Pictures courtesy of Ray-Ray photography.