Friday, October 07, 2011

The Detour

Over the kid's school break, we were invited by some dear friends for a visit at their new home...14 hours away on the coast. It was a no brainer! We jumped in the car and headed for Knysna but would take a short detour on the way. An beach detour.......

After a looooong drive we woke to this sea view....

It happened to be Rich's b-day so we left him a little message....

The beach was expansive

and we had it all to ourselves

We went for long walks


Got along

And despite the frigid water and coastal wind, played in the waves

Best of all we spent time with those we love the most....each other!!

(Yes, my 12 yr old is nearly as tall as me.)

Sometimes detours lead you right to where you need to be!