Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Twas the night before Christmas and.....

The baking was done

Our littlest baker

Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas Morning

...table was set
Christmas Eve dinner
Much food was devoured and games were played with special friends and Auntie Em.

We ended our eve with Jamie Oliver's, Christmas Bomb (thanks Tonya) and cheers for the one we celebrate....

For tomorrow would bring many new surprises and fun....

So grateful for family and friends to celebrate this special time of year.  The presents are great the food oh so grand but Jesus it is you we adore!!  

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Birthday Month for a Special little Girl!

For only turning eight my girl blew out a lot of candles this year.....

Franzenfam birthday tradition....breakfast of choice, waffles with strawberries & whip cream, served in bed
"Birthday Cake" of choice..homemade apple pie by Auntie Em
Party "cake" of choice...fancy store bought cupcakes (mama's delight)
Tori's actual birthday is on Dec 17 however with it being summer break here in South Africa we started celebrating in November.  A birthday month.....the advantages of having a summer birthday in South Africa...and thus all the wet-hair, swimming pics!

Celebrations (in November) started with a trip to the aqua dome with a few special friends; where they bowled and swam the day away....

The All Star Bowlers

The Party-ers

The Aqua Crew

The Balance Queen
Sky with "cousin" Kamu
It was a Splashin' Good Time!!!

Dec 17, 2012, Tori woke to breakfast in bed, followed by a family swim (no picture as the photographer was in the pool) and then this princess was off for her first ever manicure....

Sportin' the freshly painted nails with big sis

Mama loves this kinda b-day party!
Pretty painted hands and feet...Auntie Em joined in the fun thus the 4th appendage 

After our spa date we flaunted our pretty nails with a fork and chocolate cake!!
What is a b-day without cake?  Double Chocolate cake to boot!

After a yummy dinner and more swimming this spectacular, summer day celebrating a super, special girl ended as only one should..with homemade apple pie!!!

Victoria Amira we had an absolute blast celebrating you today and everyday!  You are a beautiful little girl inside and out!  We love you dearly! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Year End Fun!

The Franzenfam and IA team headed to the Bush for our year-end debriefing time together! Lots of African fun was had...safaris, wildlife sightings, loads of laughter, walks in the bush, lazy swims, encounters with elephants while on horseback, breakfast with monkeys, etc!
See what we saw....

Breakfast with the monkeys
Endless African Bush

Safari on horseback

 One of the most exhilarating experiences of my life....we sighted an elephant while on horseback as I attempted to take its picture it turned and got in charge position flapping its ears & stamping its foot! I may have gotten a bit flustered only begin able to take the picture after it turned and walked away!

2 of my cuties

Blake holding a Sky's face

My precious girl!

We had such a good time....I love that my kids are growing up with an appreciation for "the bush"!