Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Mr. Funny

Blake is the Franzenfam comedian. Knock Knock jokes seem to be the favorite at the moment. He often wakes with one on his mind and ready to share. This would not be a problem if he wasn't our early riser. I enjoy a good laugh but don't find much very funny at 6 a.m.

Blake's material is not limited to Knock Knock jokes or to the walls of the Franzenfam home. One never knows when Mr. Funny might strike.

The other day we stopped for a quick Chow Mien at a local Chinese restaurant. It was a nice day thus our desire to sit outside. With limited outdoor seating Tori and I sat at one table and Blake and Skyler at another a short distance from our table (Rich was not with us).

I just finished my egg roll when Blake tapped me on the back....

"Hey Mom, do I have something on my nose, it feels really funny?"

I turned to see this.....

Apparently Mr. Funny could not resist the urge to incorporate chopsticks into his new act. The restaurant patrons didn't seem to appreciate his humor but admittedly I had a bit of a chuckle...followed by a picture and then of course a stern, "Ok get those out of your nose right now".

So who's the "Mr. Funny" in your family and what's his/her latest "joke". Please share...after all laughter doeth good like a medicine.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Off to a Promising Start

School started today for my 3..the beginning of a new academic year and the beginning of this....

These guys were ready for the big day...

Blake started Grade 3. He is my easy goin', get along with everyone so I wasn't concerned about him. I was actually more concerned for his teacher when I found out there are only 4 girls in his entire class.

Tori headed off to her class with an aura of confidence which was wonderful to see from my shy girl. She was happy to see some familiar faces from last year...and one of her absolute favorites, little Miss Amanda (African girl to the left).

My Sky was the most uptight. She has 2 really great best friends and they so hoped to be together. Such a relief when she checked her class list and saw all 3 of them would be....not to mention a sigh of relief from Mama.

Rich and I drove off leaving behind 3 very happy children. Looking forward to a good year ahead.