Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Our life isn't a walk in the park but it sure is nice to go for one every once in a while especially with a park like this just a few minutes drive...

Our last walk was on my birthday...I'm a bit behind in my blogging since that was nearly a month ago..

You know your getting older when a walk in the park with the fam is your entertainment of choice...

It was a gorgeous day, we walked, we enjoyed a picnic, we even did a bit of hiking.

And of course took lots of pictures...

Being it was my birthday we ended the way any birthday should....with cake!

Hopefully I won't have to wait a year to go for another walk in the park!

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Answer and Lots of Words

Okay you know it has been a looong time since the last post when one receives and email from her mother with a reminder to answer my bloggers questions and post more than one word. I feel the pressure.

The question: What happened to Skyler's arm? The Answer: She was running and fell on it awkwardly fracturing her wrist. She will be in a cast until the beg. of Dec.

A few more words to add:

November here is a lot like December in the States in terms of "busyness". With the school year coming to a close and "summer break" right around the corner November becomes the month for parties, concerts, plays, honorings, teas, etc.

Having 3 children of 3 different ages we had 3 school "concerts" to attend. Each evening consists of the students being recognized for academic and sport achievements as well as being honored for the fruit of the spirit most recognized in them during the year. After which there is some type of concert or play performed by the corresponding grade levels.

Tori started us off and was honored for love and goodness. To borrow a statement from my friend...."It describes Tori to a "T". I've actually added it to her list of "names" I call her. Example: "Hey, love and goodness, how was school today?" And one wonders why my children think I am weird.

Here she is with her teacher...whom we both adore! Teacher Hilary ROCKS!

Her Concert was probably my favorite..shhhh don't tell my older two. The content that is not the 3 are all shaping up to be quite the Stage Hams.

Her concert had a World Cup theme and was very clever. Tori played the "Pap and Nyama" part. Pap is the main African starch and Nyama is Chicken. Pap and Chicken are typical African staples. The picture is horrible but you'll see the baby wrapped on her back and the girls carrying the packet of Pap on their heads. They portrayed "African Mamas" and it was too cute.

A week later we headed to Skyler's big night...

She was honored for patience and self-control. The first I will refrain from comment....hee. Her retort when I complimented her on self-control.."Well, it isn't too hard with my class". Apparently it has been a tough year for her teacher with some wild childs.

Three different grade levels were present at her honoring evening and each grade performed a clip from a book they read during the year. The Grade 5's book enactment was from Danny the Champion of the World. There are no girls as main characters in the story so guess who got to portray a boy?

My Sky as Danny. She played the part very well. Our very own Yentel.

And one week later we landed back at the school for Blake's big evening.

Bay was honored for Faith and Joy....the latter is code for great enthusiasm and energy.

He too landed a starring role in his play; one which posed no problems for my boy....he was a soccer player.

The busyness of the past few weeks made us all a little crazy....

but also very grateful for a great year, with great teachers and some great friends....

So there you have it the Franzenfam latest with lots of words.