Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spider Juice

At the dawn of 09 it was out with the 10 dozen Christmas cookies and in with loads of this….

Fortunately my kids like all sorts veggies and fruits. I visit the fruit market once or twice a week. Oh, they like the cookies too but are taking part in mom’s limited sugar mandate and they are so appreciative—NOT!

Everything was fine and dandy until they caught a glimpse of me pulling out the juicer. It was then the moans began as did the pounds of carrots being pummeled into liquid.

They have been troopers…they plug their nose, down the veggie potion and secretly pray mom gets over this phase before their skin turns orange.....

Well this morning I thought their prayers would surely manifest. Even though I was juicing while they were in school, I am ever mindful of them, as I store their share in the frig for an nice afterschool snack. How nice am I?!

I was happily creating my concoction when there was a loud sound and a puff of smoke. Oh no, I thought…she bit the dust…my precious juicer that has been with me longer than my dear children. Well after cleaning and some investigation I decided to try it again and was back to juicing in no time. Phew, my kids would have their yummy juice after all.

Upon finishing I noticed something floating in the glass of juice. Fortunately I did not shrug it off as pulp because as I scooped out the small mass I noticed legs….8 to be exact. Well there was supposed to be 8 anyway. Ew gross, that noise and puff of smoke wasn’t my juicer biting the dust it was a spider’s last moments of life and its remains were now in my juice.

So I am wondering does anyone know the nutritional value of an arachnid? Hey it might make for a new protein drink.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Executive Camping

The kid's last week of summer vacation we left the backyard and headed out for some real camping. The week became something we termed, Executive Camping. Allow me to explain….

Just like most camping there was….


Lots of fun little critters

High Tech Camping Gear (Wear)

No Make Up and Baseball Caps

Lots of Swimming

Camp Fire Cook Outs

But what put the Executive in our camping style was our "tent" was a house with walls and a roof. We slept in beds and had electricity (well most of the time anyway).....

It was a nice get away that definitely fit our camping style!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Our day yesterday began a bit earlier than normal. By 5:30 a.m. there was a flurry of activity as the kids rose in great anticipation of their first day of school.

Donned in school uniforms and new shoes with bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils, khokis (take a stab at what these are) and lunch pails carried in book bags the “taxi” was back in service.

Blake, beginning Grade 1 and wearing the full school uniform for the first time, confessed his excitement and anxiety during the pre-school chatter. It wasn’t long before he was settled in his new classroom and gaining confidence in what lies ahead……

Skyler’s prayer to have at least one friend from last year in her class this year was abundantly answered as she brewed with excitement upon realizing the whole “sticker club” (her closest friends that trade stickers for kicks) would brave Grade 4 at her side. This would certainly be a first for her.

And precious little Victoria finally able to attend school on the same first day as her big brother and sister climbed enthusiastically into the car on her way to the beginning of Pre-K…..

All returned home full of stories from the first day of school. Mom and Dad grateful it went so well and expectant of a wonderful year for all 3.

Foolish to think this would be our only “firsts” today. As Skyler and Tori played late in the afternoon, Tori took a tumble off the bed and hit her head. (that is why monkeys aren’t supposed to jump on the bed). She gave us a fright and oh what a sight of my babies blonde hair streaked with blood.

Off to the ER we rushed, fortunately the cut was not too deep….3 staples would close it. Typical child stuff I suppose but another first for us and prayerfully the last.

When our heads finally hit the pillow I gave a prayer of thanks for God’s army of angels watching over us. Grateful our day of firsts was over and hopeful for the dawning of an uneventful day!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Pizza Poetry

Sky My made her first pizza pie.

Mom to roll the dough but the rest she would know.

With a pesto crust she would surely earn my trust.

Olives, herbs, and feta cheese

This edible delight would definitely please.

It was pepperoni for the boys

which quickly silenced any noise.

Such yummy creations by my girl

So glad she gave it a whirl.

Blog fodder and a delectable meal

For me, such a great deal!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Camping with Pa

Tis true the Franzenfam has been known to watch Little House on the Prairie and the rumor that we own and watched (multiple times) every season just might be a valid one.

However when it comes doing things like they did in the good ole days well we are amiss!

The kids convinced Pa to go camping last weekend. He agreed, unpacked the tent from the garage and headed out to the backyard to set up camp....

It was a great night creating some “camping” memories and it all occurred from the comfort of our own home. In fact Ma got the whole bed to herself…inside!

Definitely my kind of camping!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year's Resolution from my 4 year old.....

Tori: "Mommy, in the happy New Years I am not going to take naps anymore."

Well that might just be the first broke resolution of 2009.

On a serious note (although I am quite serious about that resolution not coming true), as I arose this morning and contemplated the New Year my thoughts went to the many who experienced a difficult 2008, be it physical hardship, a spiritual battle or financial difficulties due to a failing economy. My peace came as my thoughts veered to the ALL Sufficient One and my gratitude to be in His unfailing care!

My prayer for you is that you would find your strength, hope, patience, faith, joy, love, healing...whatever you may need in the Divine in 2009!

Happy New Year!