Sunday, January 18, 2009

Executive Camping

The kid's last week of summer vacation we left the backyard and headed out for some real camping. The week became something we termed, Executive Camping. Allow me to explain….

Just like most camping there was….


Lots of fun little critters

High Tech Camping Gear (Wear)

No Make Up and Baseball Caps

Lots of Swimming

Camp Fire Cook Outs

But what put the Executive in our camping style was our "tent" was a house with walls and a roof. We slept in beds and had electricity (well most of the time anyway).....

It was a nice get away that definitely fit our camping style!


Just Mom said...

Yup. That would be as close to "roughing it" as I would like.

My in-laws have a cabin on Mt. Hood in Oregon. It's a bare-bones cabin with a mini kitchen, a nice bathroom with footed tub, a tiny bedroom and a loft area for sleeping bags. My hubby and I used to head there for mini-getaways a lot when we lived in Oregon. I miss that place now.

Anonymous said...


Lisa H said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Except maybe for the critters--that is one BIG bug! :)

Marci D. said...

Rich wears the tattoo well.

michelle said...

Lisa what is even grosser (love that word..ha)is that is a dung beetle and my son picked it up. Guess where that little guy has been. :-) They were all over the place.

Marc, I agree...he is a hottie!

Anonymous said...

No one should look that good without makeup!

Heidi Jo said...

no make-up, but lip gloss is always a must...:0) i know, i camp too.

looks like so much fun, i'm looking forward to our summer now too.