Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Went to the dentist today and received the same report I have for the past 37 years, “Great teeth; no cavities!” Yes, it is true I have never had a cavity….it must be all the great food I eat (ha!) and the African water.

Unfortunately, my 5 year old did not inherit my dental genes. He has 2 “holes” in his teeth. He actually seemed quite proud....like it is an accomplishment.

My teeth may be a bit tarnished from coffee stains these days but they are still all my own! Now that brings a s*m*i*l*e to my face!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Meet RSA Leadership

Headline News in SA:

"Jacob Zuma, newly elected leader of the ruling African National Congress, will go on trial in August on charges of corruption, fraud, money laundering and racketeering."

This in all probability will be SA’s next president (elections held in 09). A year ago he was on trial for rape from which he was declared innocent although his victim had to be relocated to an undisclosed location as there was fear she would be killed by Zuma’s party.

He also would make a good contestant for “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” as that is the extent of his formal education.

Oh and if he is found guilty (which won't happen) the VP of the ANC party, basically the next in-line for the presidency, is a Communist.

So if you are feeling anxious about the candidates this election year in the USA know that it could be worse (and keep on praying for both countries!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fodder from my 5 year old

Kids make a daily blog so easy sometimes….

We culminate each day with bible reading and story time. Blake and I just started a book about pyramids and mummies. So I asked him, “Do you know what a pyramid is?” He replied with a confident, “Yes” and then continued, “They are where aliens live.” You can tell what occupies his imagination.

After a quick lesson on pyramids we continued our reading. When mummies were introduced into the story I quipped, “You do know what mummies are don’t you?”

This time he replied with an emphatic, “Yes”! I have to admit—I thought phew, as I was a little concerned with his alien hotel remark. And then he explained… “They are people wrapped up (still thinking phew at this point and inserting “deceased people”)…..in toilet paper.

So what exactly are they teaching in schools these days?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mail Fun

Typically going to the mail box does not constitute fun unless for most of you it is December. Well our December mail trickles in throughout January so we are amidst mail fun!

I always love seeing faces of dear friends. I marvel at how big the kiddos have gotten in a year; enjoy reading their year in-review and feel grateful that they spent an extra 59 cents so that we could do all those things!

So thank you for keeping the Africans on your mailing list (I actually had someone tell me that since we moved so far away they deleted us from their address book—nice!).

And know that every time I go to shove my face full of food (which is often) I see your pretty faces! If you did not send a card don’t feel bad (I probably did not send you one either), I see your pretty face most everyday in blogosphere!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't you hate it when.....

.....after letting your hair go for more than 3 months, on the day you finally get it done, it rains and you forgot an umbrella?

Let's just say, I was not singing in the rain today!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Load Shedding

…no that is not a phrase that would require a mouth washing with soap, it is when the South African electric company decides “we” need to save electricity and money so they randomly cut your power.

This week it has been cut every day at various times. The funny thing is they post when differing areas will be out of power at what time each day however there is some discrepancy (welcome to living in Africa) as never once has my power gone out when it was scheduled to.

One afternoon I arrived home with my two oldest and the power was out. It was lunch time and of course we could not decide on anything to eat that did not require some sort of cooking….this is when it would be nice if my kid’s were more American- like and ate peanut butter and jelly. So I offered to take them to McDonalds. Later Blake shared with his dad: “We had to go to McDonalds for lunch because it was the only place in the city that had power.” Yea, like I had to twist his arm. He remains disappointed now when he returns from school and we have power.

Yesterday, I awoke with my normal morning battle which consists of 2 alter-ego’s on my shoulders arguing and awaiting which will win me over. One is a mini-me adorned with a pony-tail, no make-up and in PJ’s; the other is mini-me in running shorts and sneakers. The argument- to work out OR not to work out. My healthy alter ego won out (this time) and I huffed it to the gym only to be met by a sign that read, “Gym closed, no electricity in the building.” I swear I heard someone say, “I told you, you should have listened to me.” And I had a vision of myself in my PJ's.
I returned home and guess what? Yep, my power was out. UGH!

Today, it cut at 6:15 a.m. so I declared it a hat day (love those). Not sure what tomorrow will hold but I will plan to stay in my PJ’s and forgo any activity causing much sweat or showering (lovely eh?!)

I wish I could divulge that this is why I have not blogged lately but frankly I’ve just been in the dark when it comes to posts. (Do I get points for the pun?) As I am sure you can tell as I just posted a LONG post on load shedding! Sorry, that is if anyone is still reading.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

So it begins...

Come August all across America blogs are filled with pictures of smiling (most of them) kids adorned with new clothes and backpacks. It is the “first day of school” picture and tale post.

But for the bloggers in the southern hemisphere the bouquet of newly sharpened pencils (can you name the movie that line came from…hint- one of my all time favorites) and car pools begin in January.

Yesterday was not only my kid's first day back after Christmas break but the beginning of a new school year. So of course it must be captured on camera and posted about.

It was the end of their summer break and the weather was rather fall like…wet and cold, thus the jackets in the pictures.

Skyler started Grade 3 (same as 3rd grade) and the beginning of a school year is to Skyler as a theme park is to most children. (Okay that was some English rule I just did there…did you catch it…can’t remember what it is called though). Her backpack was filled days in advance and her enthusiasm-meter was at an all time high.

When I picked her up from school it was like she just emerged from the world’s greatest rollercoaster. She was foaming at the mouth, barely able to get the words out fast enough recanting every detail of the day.

We are still trying to figure out which gene pool she gets her excitement for school from.

This is her all aglow with her friend since kindergarten.

Blake started Kindergarten and his enthusiasm takes on a whole other meaning. School for him is purely social. Now we have figured out the genetics on this one.

I laid out a cool, first day of school outfit for him as his uniform days don’t start til next year. Although I guess it wasn't cool enough as he emerged in jean shorts and his beloved Star Wars t-shirt that he got for Christmas.

The only thing I got out of him after school was that Craig (his best bud) loved his shirt and wanted one. So Blake told Craig that his grandma got it for him in America but that he would tell her Craig wanted one too and he was sure she would send him one. It definitely gave me a chuckle but I did think to myself…I am sure she would.

For Tori it was a big start for all of us. She began her 20+ year stint of school with 2 mornings a week at preschool. I’ve always struggled with the “when should school begin” decision. Fortunately my good friend started the preschool where Tori now attends and she is keenly aware of my indecision. She allowed me to falter back and forth until finally making a decision 3 days before school opened.

Tori’s enthusiasm was definitely caught from Skyler and Blake which made the transition from home to school much easier. And a backpack on wheels like her big brothers (well not Power Rangers but with the ability to be pulled) was a MUST!

She simply was just as cute as could be!

After six weeks of having the kid’s home for summer break my morning seemed rather quiet.

I am confident I will adjust!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Planning Ahead!

Conversation with my 5 year old the other day…..

Blake: “Mom will you help me look up PS2 games on the internet?”

Me: “Umm, why?”

Blake: “I am making my Christmas list.”

Me: “Bud, do you realize you have like 363 sleeps until next Christmas?”

Blake: “Yeah, just want to get my list to Santa early this year!”

Now that is planning ahead!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year

from sunny South Africa....

Okay so I am off to a slow start hopefully it won't be indicative of my year.
Not much of a New Year's resolution person but I will resolute to change my Christmas template before Valentine's Day.

I pray that your 2008 is off to a wonderful beginning! (totally avoiding using great with 2008!)