Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Went to the dentist today and received the same report I have for the past 37 years, “Great teeth; no cavities!” Yes, it is true I have never had a cavity….it must be all the great food I eat (ha!) and the African water.

Unfortunately, my 5 year old did not inherit my dental genes. He has 2 “holes” in his teeth. He actually seemed quite proud....like it is an accomplishment.

My teeth may be a bit tarnished from coffee stains these days but they are still all my own! Now that brings a s*m*i*l*e to my face!


Momma Roar said...

That is indeed a reason to smile!

I hope your son doesn't get any more holes though.

I've never had a cavity either - I think I'm one of the few people that actually enjoys going to the dentist! ;-)

Heidi Jo said...

i think that teeth decay (or the lack thereof) is impart genetical. my teeth have seemed to gotten worse after children...

tell us, what's your teeth cleaning routine?

gaylafriend said...

lucky you. my teeth have always been awful! look inside and be blinded by silver. i had that 'tetracycline' medicine when i was little... maybe that's what did it.

Karenkool said...

If it weren't for those two teeny weeny cavities when I turned 19... I'd be able to claim the same. My teeth have gotten quite crooked over the years--and very stained.

But yours... yours look gorgeous dahling!!

Just Mom said...

OK. That photo just made me smile.

BTW, I've had cavities since I was a little girl.

Teresa said...

Oh so jealous! I do not have good teeth genes. Actually my last dentist appt. when I heard, "great job, no cavities", I thought he must have missed something!

Keep smilin' girl!

Andrea said...

WOW! NO CAVITIES??? I didn't know that was possible! Congrats! That is definitely a big feat!

Unfortunately I have 2 tiny ones & 1 regular one. :(

[Avid lurker in SD - enjoy your blog and learning about SA.]

Anonymous said...

That's my girl! Actually I didn't have any cavities until I was older either. The dentist told me I had a saliva that helped prevent decay. Don't know what happened to it though. I still do have all my own teeth though - PTL!

Now that really isn't a picture of your mouth is it?

michelle f said...

Not sure whose smile it is but am sure it is not mine! My teeth are not that straight