Friday, February 27, 2009

Exceptions to the Rule

We’ve never been a “family bed” type fam. Perhaps because I got some bogus advice after getting married to purchase a queen size bed instead of a king size..and I listened. Duh, I married a giant; that one should have been a no brainer! So there is barely enough room for me and the good looking giant much less trying to squeeze a kid in with us. No thanks!

Our kids are always welcome in our room if they have a middle of the night issue but they have to sleep on the floor. There are mornings I’ve nearly stepped on one of my children not realizing they came in the night prior, grabbed a sleeping bag and plopped down next to the bed.

Well there are always exceptions to the rule right. Our exception occurs when Rich is traveling.
I let the kids take turns sleeping with me when Rich is gone. After a few of the first trips this was modified to taking turns sleeping with mom every other night. This after realizing I get very little sleep when one of my precious darlings is next to me.

Well Rich has been gone since Monday and last night was the first night there was mention of sleeping with mom. Which equated to a lot of sleep for me this week.

Here’s my Sky all tucked in, comfy, cosy on Dad’s side of the bed last night....

She actually stayed on her side and did not snore or kick so both of us had a good sleep. It is the cute little one that is horrible to sleep with…..praying (for her husband's sake) that things change prior to marriage.

Anyway, may you have a good night sleep with or without a sleep mate!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend to Remember

My Sport’s boy turned 7 on Saturday and like most birthdays we celebrated in many ways…

On Friday it was Liverpool cupcakes with classmates

Homemade apple pie for dinner’s dessert

We kicked-off Saturday with blueberry pancakes

Later Blake and his teammates would devour the coveted soccer b-day cake

Saturday afternoon Blake’s teammates arrived for the Liverpool/ Manchester United Play-off

Despite the grueling afternoon heat, Captain Torres (Blake) and Captain Ronaldo (good bud Craig) would lead the teams in various soccer endeavors….

Soccer Bowling

Skill Relays

Yellow Card Tag and Soccer Blocker

And a final play-off game left these guys utterly goofy

When the last candle was blown out

These All-Stars

Had an absolute ball!

Bay, I hope you know I’m your biggest fan!

Love you big boy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Findings

This Valentine's Day I find...

The chocolates delicious

Valentine's from the kids extra special

Treats for the kids fun

The roses beautiful

Sentiments from loved ones near and far precious

And having my #1 Valentine home divine!

(the past 2 V-Day's he's been out of town...actually not even on the same continent)

I hope you're finding your day extra special in many ways too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lending a Helping Hand

My mom seems to be in a blog fog. In part I guess due to me and my brother and sister…we take up a lot of mom’s day but I think she really likes it. Some of it is my Dad’s fault too as she’s been helping him with lots of admin stuff for the ministry.

Anyway since she has been absent I thought I’d help her out with a post or two. Oh, who is this? It’s me…..

.....Tori, the cute littlest Franzen.

Well I gotta get going, I may be little but I’ve got a hectic day. Lots of painting, coloring, singing, watching Full House and other random playing to do. A girl’s just gotta have fun.

Just wanted to let you know someone is taking up for my mom’s blog slack.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Meet My New Assistant



She's even been helping out with the household chores. This would be her rendition of putting the silverware away....

I'm enjoying my little helper!