Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend to Remember

My Sport’s boy turned 7 on Saturday and like most birthdays we celebrated in many ways…

On Friday it was Liverpool cupcakes with classmates

Homemade apple pie for dinner’s dessert

We kicked-off Saturday with blueberry pancakes

Later Blake and his teammates would devour the coveted soccer b-day cake

Saturday afternoon Blake’s teammates arrived for the Liverpool/ Manchester United Play-off

Despite the grueling afternoon heat, Captain Torres (Blake) and Captain Ronaldo (good bud Craig) would lead the teams in various soccer endeavors….

Soccer Bowling

Skill Relays

Yellow Card Tag and Soccer Blocker

And a final play-off game left these guys utterly goofy

When the last candle was blown out

These All-Stars

Had an absolute ball!

Bay, I hope you know I’m your biggest fan!

Love you big boy!


Susan said...

How fun. ALL of it. Did you bake the special cake?

Lisa H said...

What a fun birthday--you do the best parties! :)

Nice job on the cake too--that is so cute!

Happy Birthday to your big sevenyear old!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you out did yourself again and made a wonderful day for your son. Good job mom!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe our little guy is 7 already! Looks like successful parties once again and lots of celebrating. Even soccer candles - wow where did you get those? Glad he had a good birthday. Mom you did such a good job!!

Just Mom said...

Too fun, Michelle.

Happy Birthday, "Sports Boy."

Sohailah said...

can't believe it is 7!! What a wonderful birthday! You are so clever and creative!

nickernoodle said...

THat cake is awesome!!! Cooper is just getting into soccer. He got a soccer ball, goal, and cones for his birthday. Of course we don't have the fabulous green grass right now to play on but soon.....very soon he can play in the yard with it!!! What a great day for the birthday boy.

Shanygne said...

You rock!! you always do the best parties! It's been awesome catching up with your family this morning!