Tuesday, October 22, 2013

China Update

I had the amazing privilege to travel to China with Act4theNations team from America, and two beautiful ladies from South Africa.  I have yet to report on my trip as I feel my attempt to articulate all that transpired in and through this team will be a feeble one at best. I’m also limited in what I can write publicly making the post even more difficult.  Alas, I will try....

We held two different women’s conferences specifically for those that hold an international passport and are “working” there.  Interestingly enough, many of the attendees of the first conference were African, coming from the University.  I felt right at home as I was one of the speakers that was able to share with these precious ladies on their Identity.  True to African form and kudos to the Acts4 team that has built strong relationships over the past few years with these ladies, they were so open and ready to receive all the was given.  We heard incredible testimonies of ladies being set free from past situations, circumstances and difficulties that kept them feeling insecure and of no use.  One of the teachers at the University even felt she received her “specific work” (similar work to what I am doing in Africa) to a very closed and difficult nation.  That being one of many highlights of the weekend with these ladies.

Our second conference was in the city of Shenyang, again geared to ladies holding an international passport, but many were very established in their “life and work” there.  96 ladies representing various cities attended and the fun continued.  Again we saw incredible times of ministry, themes of messages formed together as if every word was planned (and it was by THE Author).  I was honored to be apart of the speaking team again at this conference, where we shared on a Deeper Walk of Faith.

Over the years I’ve spent a bit of time onstage speaking but never have I walked in such a peace and confidence that the words I would be speaking were aptly ordained by my Father for such a time as this.  The team as a whole walked in this peace and the ministry times that followed each session and throughout the weekend were astounding!
In between the conferences we had some other life changing encounters that I am unable to fully divulge in words or pictures. And after the team left I stayed a few days in Beijing with some of our friends that have come to South Africa over the years to help us in our “work”.  It was such fun to be on their turf and see all that is happening in and through them.  I was truly inspired.  There is a lot of good happening in this city and country!

I did partake of the local cuisine and we had a cuppa...or two at one of my favorite establishments, Starbucks, both of which I throughly enjoyed.

I am truly honored, humbled and incredibly thankful to have had this opportunity.  It is one that has changed me and one that will not be forgotten. 

Join me in a prayer for this nation and these ladies that were impacted as well as for ourselves, that He who began a good work in ME, THEM, YOU, WILL finish it unto completion!

For all that enabled me to go on this trip through your prayers and support, I say a profound, THANK YOU!  Many lives were impacted, including mine!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Awesome Asian Opportunity!

Michelle has been invited to join an amazing team that will be traveling to China in September!!

She will be working with Acts 4 the Nations encouraging many international ladies living and working in the cities of Shenyang and Changchun China!

Impact Africa has had the privilege of working with Sharon Williams and Acts 4 the Nations here in South Africa.  Last year, a team of ladies came and ministered to many of the local African women we are in touch with on a broad scale.  Michelle enjoyed spending time with the team and ministering alongside them!  It was then she and Sharon began to discuss her joining the team to China in 2013.

Additionally, we have been working on African soil the past 3 summers with a international team from China.  With each visit they deepen our desire for international ministry and endear our hearts to China.  I am exploring and excited about the possibilities of connecting with them on their front lines!

Ministry with Acts 4 the Nations Team in South Africa 2012
My travels have never brought me to China so naturally I am excited to see and experience this country, its culture and its people.  Spiritually, I feel a strong leading that this is a wonderful opportunity to share with ladies of this nation my testimony, heart and my "Father".   It will also help me see how we can link arms with other women and teams "living to love" in nations all around the world.

In addition to the important work of encouraging and ministering to ladies from around the globe we will be on "special assignment" in other areas looking for unique opportunities to share and encourage.

The dates of my trip are September 3-18, 2013 and it will cost about $3,500 for the international flight, in country transport, food, lodging, etc. 

If you'd like to be apart of this exciting trip you can contribute financially via our website http://impactafrica.org/donation.htm. Please use the code China2013 so all gifts go directly to this endeavor.   Equally important, please be praying for me and the team as we embark on such a unique and timely trip! 

If you have any questions please email me at michelle@impactafrica.org

Thank you!!!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Happy Anniversary Squared!

My Mom said I don't update my blog very often....seeing it is March and this is the first post of 2013 she might be right. :)

Okay so mom this one is for you!  Actually it is for me too...I love March!  It is filled with reminders of things I hold very dear and significant markers of God's faithfulness.

Nine years ago today we made South Africa home.  We pitched up with 2 kids, 9 suitcases, 4 carry- ons and a mind full of wonder!!

Our "luggage" has changed over the years, especially with our Tori in tow, and aspects of our wonder became reality but the dreams are still big and our time here far from complete.

Psalm 90:17 is a scripture I started praying pre-Africa and one I will continue to pray present- Africa!
"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our."

We stand in awe and gratitude of all the Lord has done....He has established the work of our hands here.  From one school to two and expansion in the plans, an internship, a Baby Rescue Center, precious staff laboring with us (American and African), a thriving family and growing community, life is far from simple or perfect but it seems to fit us and we are enjoying the ride!

Another March fav is the celebration of the love of my life!!  March 12, Rich and I will be married 19 years. (I heard that gasp).  I'm gasping too...when did we get so old?  Again what a testimony of God's grace and mercy poured out on this strong-headed, independent, passionate duo.  The road isn't always easy but my life is definitely "Richer" as we journey side by side!

"In His sovereign wisdom, God requires His children to exercise the will and action to deliberately take what he graciously gives.  And in the "taking" we develop the muscles in us of what it is required to keep it!"

My prayer remains that we would have the courage to deliberately take all that He so longs to give us in our personal lives, marriage, family and ministry.  Though the muscles seem weak and sore at times I know they are growing stronger as we journey on together, focused on the Gracious Giver!

Happy Anniversaries!! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Twas the night before Christmas and.....

The baking was done

Our littlest baker

Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas Morning

...table was set
Christmas Eve dinner
Much food was devoured and games were played with special friends and Auntie Em.

We ended our eve with Jamie Oliver's, Christmas Bomb (thanks Tonya) and cheers for the one we celebrate....

For tomorrow would bring many new surprises and fun....

So grateful for family and friends to celebrate this special time of year.  The presents are great the food oh so grand but Jesus it is you we adore!!  

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Birthday Month for a Special little Girl!

For only turning eight my girl blew out a lot of candles this year.....

Franzenfam birthday tradition....breakfast of choice, waffles with strawberries & whip cream, served in bed
"Birthday Cake" of choice..homemade apple pie by Auntie Em
Party "cake" of choice...fancy store bought cupcakes (mama's delight)
Tori's actual birthday is on Dec 17 however with it being summer break here in South Africa we started celebrating in November.  A birthday month.....the advantages of having a summer birthday in South Africa...and thus all the wet-hair, swimming pics!

Celebrations (in November) started with a trip to the aqua dome with a few special friends; where they bowled and swam the day away....

The All Star Bowlers

The Party-ers

The Aqua Crew

The Balance Queen
Sky with "cousin" Kamu
It was a Splashin' Good Time!!!

Dec 17, 2012, Tori woke to breakfast in bed, followed by a family swim (no picture as the photographer was in the pool) and then this princess was off for her first ever manicure....

Sportin' the freshly painted nails with big sis

Mama loves this kinda b-day party!
Pretty painted hands and feet...Auntie Em joined in the fun thus the 4th appendage 

After our spa date we flaunted our pretty nails with a fork and chocolate cake!!
What is a b-day without cake?  Double Chocolate cake to boot!

After a yummy dinner and more swimming this spectacular, summer day celebrating a super, special girl ended as only one should..with homemade apple pie!!!

Victoria Amira we had an absolute blast celebrating you today and everyday!  You are a beautiful little girl inside and out!  We love you dearly!