Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tea Time

Living in South Africa offers many new experiences. Some I quite enjoy others not so much but it keeps life exciting. One of my enjoyments of this British culture is tea-time. Tea-time is a time during the day where people take a break from the busyness and share a cup of tea together, in my case it is a mug of coffee.

Various topics of conversation are spurred on by tea-time. Some witty, some controversial, others encouraging, many whimsical, light and fun, others difficult, sad and even tragic. Tea-time is a time to “share life” with a friend. What could be better than a conversation with a dear friend while sharing a legal stimulant?

I have found the world of blogging similar to that of tea-time. A highlight of my day is to sit with my coffee and peruse other blog spots. Topics range from light and witty to contemplative and even challenging. It is like being invited to a friend’s home and sharing life with them.

To those I have invaded upon your blog-spot, thank you for having me for tea. I have quite enjoyed it, even stuck my two-cents in now and again. Ahh, I will no longer be known as “anonymous” when leaving a comment. You will now be graced with the shining faces of mi familia. I hope you will not view my comments or blog as an intrusion but an opportunity to share life together.

Come on over to my spot for a cup of tea, coffee or beverage of choice!