Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Halloween

I’m betting our day was quite a bit different than yours….

For one my kids did not even know it was Halloween…no marketing, no hype, no witches and goblins, barely even a pumpkin! (Really kinda nice!!!)

There would be no trick or treating. I don’t know something about the large electronic fences with barb wire in front of every house and it being one of the most crime infested cities in the world that puts a damper on little kids adorned as cartoon characters ringing the bell and asking for candy. We call the police when a man wearing a mask appears at the door (gate really).

We did however enjoy some treats! Rolo’s, Nestle mint chocolate bar, gummies and chewy runts were among the choices tonight.

And it doesn’t have to be a special day for my special princess to pull out the “costume”.

So there you have it…Halloween check, onto Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Opportunity to be Part of a Miracle

I wanted to take this post and raise awareness of an opportunity we can all have in being a tangible part of a miracle in the lives of our friends Dave and Beth Hasz.

Rich and I went to college with Dave Hasz and spent many years serving together in ministry at Teen Mania. Along the journey we got to know his wife, Beth and for those of you that know her you would agree she is the epitome of the phrase, “Godly Woman”.

When Impact Africa was in its initial stages I was pondering over how to engage prayer warriors with us for this launch and to sustain the ministry. One of the very first people I thought of was Beth Hasz. I took her out for lunch and picked her brain on how to involve prayer warriors like herself in our ministry. Now when we go through times of hardship and doubt I feel the amazing strength of the prayers poured out on our behalf by people like Beth and the many like her.

Some of you may know this and for those of you that don’t Beth is battling cancer and now needs a remnant filling up the prayer bowls on her behalf.

There is another way you can help as well….Beth is seeking non-traditional treatment that is not covered by insurance. You can imagine the phenomenal costs incurred….there has been a benevolence fund set up specifically for the Hasz’s and these medical costs. Please click here and learn more about how you can help today!

Will you join with me in a prayer for Beth right now….

Father, we pray for my friend and your precious daughter, Beth. We pray that she would not become weary in doing good but that she would reap a harvest of health in due time and that she would be up girded by your strength and not give up.

Father, we thank you that by your stripes Beth is healed. We pray that her thoughts would be set on you…that she would see herself well, strong, healed, and chasing her children around in the yard.

Father, I ask that you would show me and those reading this how we can help Beth in a very tangible way. And I pray that as we ignite our faith with the Hasz family through our prayers and finances that they would be fertile seeds that will help bring about a miracle in Beth’s life.

Thank you precious Father!

Friday, October 24, 2008

On the Brink of Forty (still a Christian) & Sexier than Ever

Rich and my first short-term mission trip after we were married was to Ghana, Africa. It does not go down in my history book as my favorite mission trip albeit a good one! First, I got very sick. Second, we heard the clucking than chopping of our dinner most nights, and third leading together for the first time after doing so separately for so many years prior, Rich and I realized we had a lot to learn…thus the selflessness journey began.

The Ghanaian people as in the case of most African cultures are very spiritual people. One of my favorite African symbols originating from the Ghanaian people is the following…..

Its meaning: God Supremacy; he is above everything, and to him we owe what we have.

Good thing I like it so much because my husband recently had it permanently etched into his arm. Some may call it "trashy", others “cool”; I’ve termed it “on the brink of forty”!

My almost 40 year old hubby is sporting a new tattoo and in my opinion he looks sexier than ever. Although I must admit I was a little disappointed he did not get a tattoo of a heart with my name in it….maybe next time.

And for those readers belonging to the slightly older generation…we are pretty sure one can have a tattoo and still be a Christian. Hee!

Update...Here is a photo of the real deal...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet Merv

When people come to visit we always take them to meet our friend Merv.....

Sorry I couldn't come up with a very clever name--too tired and have been a "single" mom for far too long (4 more sleeps and my hubby is home!) it is stifling my creativity.

So of course the Baumruk family met Merv while they were here. In fact he came to greet us on our drive into the park....

I'll have to post my brother's video of our meeting with Merv as Tori and Mark (the 2 youngest) sure weren't very happy with Merv's entrance (both screamed and cried).

Later after visiting his lion friends in the park we met Merv for tea time--the kids brought the biscuits...

Everyone got a nice lick from Merv...

Some got a little grossed out by his slimy demeanor (look at Sky's reaction)

Yep Merv and I go way back....

photo taken 2 years ago

So if you're ever in my neck of the woods I'll take you to meet my African friend Merv!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Past Weeks in Pictures

I know it has been awhile since there was a substantial Franzenfam post. As most know my brother and his family were here for 2 weeks…granted it has been an entire week since they have gone so you’d think I have some posts up but I think I am still in recovery. Hee!

Here is the Franzen-Baumruk Fams

We actually got a couple decent group shots which is a feat in itself. 7 kids with ages ranging from 3-12...we had a busy but really fun time!

From patio Bonfires with African Smores

Bird Parks

To Viewing Africa's Big Five in the Bush

Water Fun

To Bartering at the Market

(with 7 kids that all have money burning a hole in their pockets--this took on a whole new meaning for me)

Ministry at a Creche

A Crusade

And a Cultural Learning Experience

These 7 ....

along with the 4 adults fell exhausted into bed every night

And had the happiest dreams of fun times with the Franzen-Baumruk Fam

to read more about creche and crusade ministry, click here

Wednesday, October 08, 2008