Friday, October 24, 2008

On the Brink of Forty (still a Christian) & Sexier than Ever

Rich and my first short-term mission trip after we were married was to Ghana, Africa. It does not go down in my history book as my favorite mission trip albeit a good one! First, I got very sick. Second, we heard the clucking than chopping of our dinner most nights, and third leading together for the first time after doing so separately for so many years prior, Rich and I realized we had a lot to learn…thus the selflessness journey began.

The Ghanaian people as in the case of most African cultures are very spiritual people. One of my favorite African symbols originating from the Ghanaian people is the following…..

Its meaning: God Supremacy; he is above everything, and to him we owe what we have.

Good thing I like it so much because my husband recently had it permanently etched into his arm. Some may call it "trashy", others “cool”; I’ve termed it “on the brink of forty”!

My almost 40 year old hubby is sporting a new tattoo and in my opinion he looks sexier than ever. Although I must admit I was a little disappointed he did not get a tattoo of a heart with my name in it….maybe next time.

And for those readers belonging to the slightly older generation…we are pretty sure one can have a tattoo and still be a Christian. Hee!

Update...Here is a photo of the real deal...


Marci D. said...

I want to see the real tat, not the clip art. :)

ange said...

yes, I'll be watchin' for that follow up post with the real deal! But it does look quite cool! :)

Heidi Jo said...

oh i don't know michelle all that you guys do as missonaries may now be disqualified as acts of charity simply because of this one spontaneous act of middle age! :0)

here i thought with the title this would somehow be about you. because describes you pretty well too, i think!

Momma Roar said...


Seriously, I think I could easily say it has an M in it for you! :-D

michelle said...

Heidi I think that was a compliment...hee...although I am not as close to 40 as my hubby is and no signs of mid-life crisis yet but I am pretty sexy. :-)

I know a missionary with a tattoo...*gasp*.

Just Mom said...

What's wrong with being 40?


Lisa H said...

I like it! Very cool.

Now when will you get yours? ;)

michelle said...

JM nothing is wrong with being 40 but apparently my husband feels going into it with a tattoo makes it all the better. :-)

Lisa, Rich asked me the same question. I just laughed!

Anonymous said...

Promise you won't opt for angel wings like my daughter. They are just so ugly and everyone tells her they look like chicken wings.

michelle said...

No angel wings for me...I am already so angelic (HA!) and chicken wings that would def. bring back the unpleasant memories of Ghana. :-)

No desire to get a tattoo!

Leah said...

Ken almost got a version of that same tatoo earlier this year..

Very cool Rich! We like it.

Anonymous said...


Oh no I don't believe it - now Michael I could believe but Rich? Don't know Rich - don't let Ron Luce see it.

Truly must be a mid-life crisis except he has a way to go yet.


michelle a. said...

Love that tattoo! I think you should get one too.
Did you know I got one last year?? :-)

Anonymous said...

This just cracks me up. Do you remember a couple of years ago when I came to all of you dear friends in need of support as my daughters pierced their bodies and then the tattoo?

Ha, now I feel like the mother to you guys....I just read Michelle A's comment LOL. Oh boy, have I learned a lot over the last couple of years from you women...good and bad :)

Glad you didn't decided on the chicken wings...uuuuuuugly! She is now figuring out how to enhance them so they don't look so silly. Help!

Anonymous said...


Cool! I don't know if you know this, but my husband was on that trip with you guys in 94...the year before you first led in Botswana, the year before I met you guys.

We have some things around the house from his trip with that symbol on it as well. I love it.

The tatoo while being saved comment made me laugh!

~ Danielle Hodgson (Rutkoske)

Joy said...

if Rich can get one I can get one!!!!!!!! :)