Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blake's Birthday Buck & Bash

Our Blake turned 10 this month and one of the Franzenfam "rights, rituals, & ceremonies" is celebrating momentous birthdays/events with special memories. Double digits is the beginning of the "bigger" birthdays, warranting a special event.

Rich would plan this one. Living in Africa it seemed only natural to incorporate the great wild life into this experience. And being a Franzen hunting is in the blood (forgive the pun). The boys would spend 2 days fishing and hunting together.

The Fishing...

The Hunt...

With disappointment beginning to set in after a loooong day of hunting to no avail the prize was finally won. One shot to the shoulder the buck was down and our new hunter ecstatic.

Definitely a special father-son memory that will last a lifetime (especially with a horn mount as a reminder :))

Later in the week Blake's birthday would culminate with 4 special friends and a sleepover.

I found food (Impala braai/bbq from Blake's hunt) and light sabers were the party highlights. What else does a 10 year old boy need?

Of course seeing Star Wars in 3D was quite enjoyed and helped to spur on the saber activity....

Not sure much sleep was had but am pretty confident all (including mom) will sleep well tonight....

Blake's birthday complete with a buck and a not soon forgotten!

Happy Birthday Blake; you are a great kid....loved by many but by mom & dad the most!