Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Camp In

Skyler had a "Camping" themed birthday party this year. With our winter temps we decided it would be more of a Camp "In" instead of a Camp Out. Somehow I never got a picture of the tent...I know but give me a break I was juggling the big event while trying to remain warm. Just picture an 8 man tent in your living room and you get the picture.

The party commenced after school with team type activities...

Teams had to design a treasure map, provide clues and find each other's treasure.

There were all sorts of relays...

The favorite relay ended with participants having to find 3 worms in the whip cream pie...

The teams also had to mummify one of their mates

They took a break from the brawn and got in touch with their creative side. Our friend Mutsa taught the girls the African art of potato stamping and each girl made their own t-shirt. They were too cute.

Of course dinner was cooked over the fire

And what would a camping party be without smores...I mean "dirt" for dessert?

Flashlight tag was cut short due to the frigid weather and because the $1 store flashlights kept breaking. The girls settled down for a movie "under the stars" (aka- glow in the dark stars on my lounge ceiling)

Any guesses as to what the preferred show was?

Yep...good ole Miss Garrett in Different Strokes. That is Sky's favorite at the moment.

After a few episodes the girls retired to the tent for more games, junk food and girlyness. Just prior to midnight the girls drifted off to their dreams and the day's festivities became a special memory .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 10

10 things I love about you…

Your chocolate brown eyes.

Your genuine love for the Lord.

Your thoughtfulness.

Your spunk and zest for life.

Your love of learning.

Your love of literature.

Your love of what is good.

You being our #1.

Your desire to do what is right even when it is hard.


Happy 10th Birthday my precious Skyler Grace; you are dearly loved!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Nightmare Bear

Skyler has a new class in school this year that she is very excited about, it is technology class. You know computers, spreadsheets, powerpoint....or so I thought!

When she came home and told me her semester project was to knit a bear I was slightly confused. And when I realized “technology” in this case was pertaining to the industrial arts, specifically knitting, I was horrified. Horrified because unlike my blog friend Leigh Ann who puts Martha Stewart to shame in the sewing arena; I am domestically challenged in the technology department of knitting, sewing, or anything of the sort. My last and only sewing project was a Poodle Skirt in the 8th grade and I am embarrassed to share that my mom had to finish it. (BTW, thanks got an 'A').

I did remember seeing some beautifully knit bears that were being made and gathered for the poor, at a local coffee shop I frequent. Now I know I am a missionary so I shouldn’t have any faults (hee) but the thought did cross my mind to perhaps offer to buy one of the finished bears.

What can I say…I panicked. Don’t write me off yet as it did not take me long to realize the flaws with this plan, mainly the glaring fact that it would be dishonest and perhaps not the best example to my daughter.

Thank God for another idea….Enter Lizzy….our special friend, adopted family member and helper! Liz can remove the toughest of stains, is Tori’s favorite babysitter and glory be to God the girl can KNIT!

After a few weeks of working with Lizzy, Skyler finished her very first knitting project...the beloved bear.

And I gave Lizzy a raise!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Winter Wednesday

Since hibernation isn’t an option (boy, I wish it was) there are a few quintessential things keeping my winter blues at bay….

Hot Water Bottles

Love these and they are hugely popular this time of year. Very warm…come in all shapes and sizes and each year boasts new colors with fashionable covers to boot. Mine is the soft fleece orange cover and Tori’s is the elephant…sweet eh. She named hers “Ellie”.

Softening Agents

The only thing worse than having no heat when the cold rolls in is the dryness that accompanies it. My Burt’s Bees is one of my American favorites that I use all year round however is vital this time of year. A friend introduced me to Shea Butter last year and my hands have never been softer. (thanks Marci).

Hot Beverages

Of course coffee is a fav but I am a variety girl. These are a few of the choices keeping my taste buds happy.

Winter Wardrobe

Our tile floors and cement walls don’t make for toasty quarters so even while inside we are adorned in our winter wear.

So I may be mummified in my winter garb, but I have soft hands, spicy lips, a fashionable foot warmer and I’ve learned to make a pretty yummy Chocochino.

Definitely helps a Winter Wednesday feel a bit Warmer!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Man of the Match

At the beginning of the year, after much contemplation, we started Blake in an U7 soccer league. He was ecstatic and has remained so ever since. For those of you with kids involved in league sports you know it is a time commitment; one I was anxious about at the start.

However, I am so glad we made the decision as it has not only helped Blake in his soccer skills but allowed him an appropriate outlet to release his energy (which he has oodles of). Even his focus in school has improved and I feel it is much in part to this sport venture.

Col 3:23 comes alive in Blake when he is on the soccer field as he really does play with all his heart. For me as well, I cheer with all my heart. Thankfully there are a few other cheerleading moms on the sidelines just as zealous.

In his last match Blake scored the winning goal (the only goal of the game) and was awarded the “Man of the Match” patch….little gold star to sew on his jersey. His coach proclaimed that “Blake played like a demon”. I think in non-Christian soccer terms that is considered a compliment.

As you can imagine he beamed as did we!

Way to go my Bay…if you keep it up you might just give Mr. Ronaldo a run for his money.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Do you ever feel like something is wrong but you just can’t put your finger on it?

Hmmm....what is it?

Just might be one of those days.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Start Me Up

June has begun and on this side of the world it means frigid, hard to get out of bed mornings.

My wonderful, hot-blooded husband starts each morning a brewin’ knowing I need a little extra push this time of year.

Thank you Rich and Thank you Starbucks (and Thank you mother in-law for the cute cuppa coffee t-shirt)…you help start me up each morning!