Monday, June 08, 2009

Man of the Match

At the beginning of the year, after much contemplation, we started Blake in an U7 soccer league. He was ecstatic and has remained so ever since. For those of you with kids involved in league sports you know it is a time commitment; one I was anxious about at the start.

However, I am so glad we made the decision as it has not only helped Blake in his soccer skills but allowed him an appropriate outlet to release his energy (which he has oodles of). Even his focus in school has improved and I feel it is much in part to this sport venture.

Col 3:23 comes alive in Blake when he is on the soccer field as he really does play with all his heart. For me as well, I cheer with all my heart. Thankfully there are a few other cheerleading moms on the sidelines just as zealous.

In his last match Blake scored the winning goal (the only goal of the game) and was awarded the “Man of the Match” patch….little gold star to sew on his jersey. His coach proclaimed that “Blake played like a demon”. I think in non-Christian soccer terms that is considered a compliment.

As you can imagine he beamed as did we!

Way to go my Bay…if you keep it up you might just give Mr. Ronaldo a run for his money.


michelle said...

Oh and if the star patch seems in an ackward place I agree but my MOTM insisted that was the proper placement. What can I say...sometimes ya gotta choose what to die for.

Marci D. said...

Way to go Bay! Give him a high five from me. Good thing I am not there because you and I together cheering for him - we might of been kicked out. Does the kid have any teeth left? So cute!

michelle said...

HA---the teeth remark gave me a good laugh. I should say that they were knocked out during a game...sounds more rugged.

Gayla said...

way to go, soccer star!!! that's impressive.

Michelle Grace said...

He is getting so big!!! I think he looks like Rich so much in this picture!

Just Mom said...