Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Winter Wednesday

Since hibernation isn’t an option (boy, I wish it was) there are a few quintessential things keeping my winter blues at bay….

Hot Water Bottles

Love these and they are hugely popular this time of year. Very warm…come in all shapes and sizes and each year boasts new colors with fashionable covers to boot. Mine is the soft fleece orange cover and Tori’s is the elephant…sweet eh. She named hers “Ellie”.

Softening Agents

The only thing worse than having no heat when the cold rolls in is the dryness that accompanies it. My Burt’s Bees is one of my American favorites that I use all year round however is vital this time of year. A friend introduced me to Shea Butter last year and my hands have never been softer. (thanks Marci).

Hot Beverages

Of course coffee is a fav but I am a variety girl. These are a few of the choices keeping my taste buds happy.

Winter Wardrobe

Our tile floors and cement walls don’t make for toasty quarters so even while inside we are adorned in our winter wear.

So I may be mummified in my winter garb, but I have soft hands, spicy lips, a fashionable foot warmer and I’ve learned to make a pretty yummy Chocochino.

Definitely helps a Winter Wednesday feel a bit Warmer!


Lisa H said...

Hard to imagine that you're in the midst of winter right now! I love the water bottle covers--too cute.

Just Mom said...

I might have to get me a hot water bottle cover. It feels like fall here with all the gray skies and cool weather we've been having.

btw ... I love Twinings Earl Grey tea. :-D

michelle said...

Twinings is the only way to go!!

Rachel said...

You're in winter caps and I'm worrying about my outdoor wedding and trying to keep people cool in a few weeks! :) Love the hot water bottle warmers. I fall asleep w/ a little heating pad every night.

Michelle Grace said...

I'm shivering just reading this! Love your hat! Very stylish!

Sohailah said...

you look darling in your hat!

Leah McKinney said...

I am so impressed... looking at that pic makes me cold. I'll stop whining about our "cold" summers here in SF where it's a merely 50-60 degrees... I'm still in t-shirts most days!