Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Ice Skating & Breaking Scoop

What started out as a fun adventure, some for the first time, turned into a not so fun adventure for one!

Skyler, Tori and their cousin Kirsten helped take some of our teacher's kids ice skating during the school break....
Kirsten, Tori & Kimberly

Skyler & Precious

Sandwiched between 2 cousins
The Whole Crew

Tori & Precious

The girl's had such fun!! Unfortunately, when getting off the ice Skyler fell and twisted her knee.

A trip to the ER, X-Rays, then Surgeon and MRI revealed a chipped knee bone warranting an Operation.

Fortunately the chip was on the side of the knee opposed to the weight bearing portion rendering a positive prognosis for a full recovery. 

Sky My with Crutches, Brace and Creative Wheel Chair :)

2 weeks after the Op the Doc felt Sky was/is making a remarkable recovery.  We were able to cancel all physical therapy appointments.  Thank you Lord!!  Mom is now the trainer as the bike is the best method helping her knee to regain full range of motion.  Off to the gym we go!

Doesn't she look pleased that I brought a camera to the gym? lol!