Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interesting Art

I thought I would debut some of my children’s recent art as it is quite interesting.

Tori (3 years old) is learning about modes of transportation in school and here is her depiction of a sail boat….

It is made of edible objects one of which is a chocolate wafer. Okay so you tell me, if you hand a 3 year old a chocolate cookie what do you think they are going to do with it? If you look closely she did as anyone with experience in toddler-ville might expect…can you see the token bite?

When asked, “And who took a bite out of the boat?” She replied, “A shark”….of course! She may be 3 but she’s no dummy.

And now for my son’s artwork. He likes to draw and give me pictures depicting yours truly. I guess he figures there are never any photos of me (I am the one always taking the picture) so he better keep me well stocked with self-portraits so we don’t forget what I look like.

Most of the time the pictures are quite complimentary …my hair is always yellow, he doesn’t add brown roots, my hands aren’t bigger than my head and I’m usually adorned in a slim fitting outfit.

The other day he handed me this…..

Not sure what happened to the slim fitting outfit in this one….I am sporting a belly as round as Santa Claus. I’m hoping his view of the extra pounds on me are because of the layers of winter clothing worn due to the cold weather. After all the winter bulge can't be showing yet…the season has only just begun???

Let’s just say this is one drawing that won’t be displayed on the fridge! As for the first display of art...I think I'll go finish off the boat.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Week In Pictures

Unfortunately this will not be a funny, light, happy post yet it is a reality happening on our door step and to those we care deeply about! I've attached some pictures and a recent prayer report sent to a network of friends, family, churches, and supporters regarding the uprisings taking place on our homefront. Please view, read and most importantly PRAY! Thank you!

South Africa made international headline news this week which I am sure you are aware. This time it wasn’t with regard to Bono, Oprah, Nelson Mandela or even the pandemic of HIV/AIDS that plagues this country and the continent. This time coverage is replete with the sordid methods of some of its very own and it is happening in our own backyard. Brutal uprisings from groups of xenophobic black South Africans have left 42 dead and estimates of more than 25,000 refugees from surrounding African countries homeless and very afraid.

What erupted on May 12 in the township of Alexandra (area portrayed in the movie, The Power of One) has spread to numerous poor communities around Johannesburg that have become home to many foreigners from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, etc.

It is in many of these type communities and it’s constituents that we focus ministry efforts. As a result, we have been in contact with all our leaders and churches in the communities assuring their safety and offering any assistance possible. The latter keeps us awake at nights pondering, while we lay safe and snug in our warm beds, how we can be of help to those we know and have ministered to in these areas that are now hiding out in fields at night (with temps in the low 40’s) for fear that they will become victims of these heinous crimes.

Recently there was a stand off in Kya Sands squatter camp, a community we are deeply involved with. Fortunately the police arrived in time to divert another tragic episode. Our Pastor in the community called with a need for blankets as many of his congregates were taking refuge in his church and in the surrounding fields. We purchased 400 blankets the next day allocating most to this community.

As missionaries so close in proximity and heart to this tragedy we ask for your prayers not on our behalf but for the very ones we were sent here to minister to. Here are some ways you can agree with us for this situation and the African people:

Pray that the uprisings would come to a halt and the perpetrators brought to justice.

Pray for the safety of those being targeted; the African foreigners.

Pray for wisdom for our government on how to stop further crimes and aid the thousands left homeless.

Pray that the assistance needed for all the refugees and those left homeless would be made available.

Pray that people would not be seized by fear, foremost for those living in these communities but also for the fortunate on the outskirts of this situation. May this be an opportunity to tangibly show Christ’s love, mercy, and healing to the African people not retreat in fear!

Currently we have a group from Monroe, Washington here ministering with us. For much of the trip the team was ministering in a rural area 4 hours southeast of Johannesburg. They are back in the city and we have rearranged their schedule to avoid any areas posing potential conflict. The team is going forth in boldness and are seeing powerful ministry take place! People’s hearts are tender, open and they are ready for some hope. Continue to pray for this group, for their safety but also that the timeliness of their trip here would yield great fruit!

We are so grateful to be surrounded by a community of intercessors. The glimpses of vehement hostility you are seeing on CNN for us have become an opportunity close to home and dear to our hearts! Esther resonates in the depths of our being as we believe that we are called to this Nation and these people for times such as this!

Thank you for being a part of our team and joining with us through prayer for the precious African people! We love you!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Funny Friday

I thought I'd end the week with some African animal humor...

Just lion around

I've got my eye on you

It's the age old it a black horse with white stripes or a white horse with black stripes OR a horse in pajamas?

Why did the elephant cross the road...... get to the otherside.

Gotta have tough skin in these parts

See ya later alligator

afterwhile crocodile

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Water, Wine or Just Blonde?

I enjoy praying scripture during my prayers and teach my kids to do the same. One of my token scriptures especially during the dinner meal is Exodus 23:25 and for ages I’ve prayed “Lord we thank you that you bless our bread and our wine and take sickness from our midst”…

Then somewhere over time I guess I decided it should be phrased a bit more kid friendly and started inserting water in lieu of wine. That and typically we drink water at the dinner table so it seemed a bit more apropos.

Well I have been praying it the original way for so long that the following took place the other night at the dinner table. As I was praying this and came to the word “water” Blake immediately interrupted me and in an almost disgusted tone said, “WINE, Lord she means wine." As if I had been drinking it and in my debaucherous state was unable to recollect the correct wording.

The blonde part of the story: Well come to find out that it actually is water not wine. I could not find one translation of the scripture using the word wine. So the question remains why for so long did I say “wine”? Perhaps it happened when immersed in this British culture? Perhaps I was hoping for a re-enactment of Jesus’ first miracle? Or perhaps when I started coloring my hair blond? I am just not sure…okay the latter of the 3 is the most likely.

One thing I am sure of, my 6 year old son will be asking the Lord to bless his bread and wine….at least until he can read.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Spoon Full of Sugar

Originally I was going to write a serious Mother's Day post (no that is not a joke...I can be serious once in a while) but after LOL reading Leigh Ann's MD post I decided to go the funny route. After all "laughter doeth good like a medicine". So to all the Moms reading here is your spoon full of sugar.....

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Celebrate Good Times....

...Come On!

It has been a big week on various fronts. So hectic I forgot to mention one of the biggies- my mother in-law’s birthday on Tuesday.

And today is my parent’s 49th Wedding Anniversary.
49 years…amazing eh?

Happy belated birthday Jackie.
You are such a wonderful mother, mother in-law, grandma and friend. My blog will always be vacant of horrible mother in-law stories! You are just wonderful and we all love you dearly!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Thank you for leaving a legacy of marriage; sticking with it no matter what! May you feel the blessings of 49 years together! And I hope you do something really special to celebrate because you daw-gone deserve it!!

Hip Hip Hooray for great families!! I will have a piece of cake in your honor….I guess technically that would be 2 pieces…sweet!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Little Diva

I especially like the remains of ice-cream around her mouth.

Monday, May 05, 2008

An Adjective Recap

Can you imagine how boring life would be without adjectives to describe life around us? I’m thinking my little descriptive friends are pretty important so I’ve dedicated this post solely to them. Okay not really... it is just a sneaky way to show off some pictures of the Franzenfam this past week at the beach. I decided to spare you a LONG narrative and just give you a brief recap using my fun little adjective friends (and maybe an adverb or two)……










Simply Wonderful!!!!