Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November days...

November here is much like December in the States. Everything is coming to a close. Add to that the end of a school year and it means lots of Concerts. Everything is called a "concert" here be it a recital, a play, a dance..etc.

Skyler had her first piano 'concert'...aka- recital. Blake and Tori were getting a little fidgety (that is putting it mildly) while "listening" to the 30 students perform their pieces and as a result we may have caused a few disturbances. Where Rich and I laughed, Skyler was quite put off and whispered to me, "Why does my family have to be so embarrassing"? My retort, "Because we love you so."

Both Skyler and Blake had their end of the year honoring evenings. Here the students are honored for a specific fruit of the Spirit they have displayed during the year. The eve ends in a performance by their grade level. Here are the franzenfam gals getting ready for Blake's big performance.

Additionally Blake is finishing up cricket season, Tori celebrated the finish of her school year and enjoyed a welcoming party for Kindergarten, and ballet...I can't bring myself to comment other than to say, I am sooooo ready for it to be over.

Amidst the never-ending school activities, opening a preschool (click here to view progress), and getting ready to spend 6 weeks in the States we have found some time to blow-off steam.

Here are some action shots...

We will end our November days in AMERICA, where we will continue to blow-off steam and capture plenty more action shots!

Monday, November 02, 2009

No Trade Ins

I enjoyed many special things this birthday weekend. Amongst them was a precious card from my “words of encouragement” 10 year old. She articulated various endearments to her dear ole (not to be confused with old) mom but there was a particular phrase that stuck out to me…..

“….I would not trade you in for any other mommy!”

Well all I can say to that is, “PHEWWWW!”

Perhaps I should keep this particular card as a reminder of her “no trade in” statement for when she is a teenager and feeling otherwise.