Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November days...

November here is much like December in the States. Everything is coming to a close. Add to that the end of a school year and it means lots of Concerts. Everything is called a "concert" here be it a recital, a play, a dance..etc.

Skyler had her first piano 'concert'...aka- recital. Blake and Tori were getting a little fidgety (that is putting it mildly) while "listening" to the 30 students perform their pieces and as a result we may have caused a few disturbances. Where Rich and I laughed, Skyler was quite put off and whispered to me, "Why does my family have to be so embarrassing"? My retort, "Because we love you so."

Both Skyler and Blake had their end of the year honoring evenings. Here the students are honored for a specific fruit of the Spirit they have displayed during the year. The eve ends in a performance by their grade level. Here are the franzenfam gals getting ready for Blake's big performance.

Additionally Blake is finishing up cricket season, Tori celebrated the finish of her school year and enjoyed a welcoming party for Kindergarten, and ballet...I can't bring myself to comment other than to say, I am sooooo ready for it to be over.

Amidst the never-ending school activities, opening a preschool (click here to view progress), and getting ready to spend 6 weeks in the States we have found some time to blow-off steam.

Here are some action shots...

We will end our November days in AMERICA, where we will continue to blow-off steam and capture plenty more action shots!


Anonymous said...

Oh the dreaded piano recital. I hated them and so did my kids. That is probably why none of us play today. Okay, I can plunk out a note or two, but no one want to listen.

I love the actions shots. Tori on the tramp is hilarious!!!

So, did both girls really eat one whole pizza a piece? ;)

You look beautiful in the photo by the way...then again, you always do! You remind me of a famous movie star (Pretty sure we've talked about this before, Clint Black's wife, Lisa) We've sure had some fun times for two women who have never met. Sure do love you my friend!

michelle said...

Oh my kids can all polish off pizza however I do think we had left overs for lunch the next day. :)

I sure enjoy you my friend too...someday we'll sit across the table eating white chocolate raspberry cheesecake accompanied by coffee and a good long chat!

Lisa Hartman eh? hmmm

Anonymous said...

You know I'm holding you to that cheesecake and coffee. Do you think there is cheesecake in heaven? There must be...and I'm sure you think there is coffee there as well, huh? :D

Just Mom said...


Now that is a vacation.

michelle said...

Trust me it has been a loooong time comin'!

nickernoodle said...

I love the action shots!!! We have Brooklyn's Christmas program at school tomorrow night already. What a vacation that will be! Will you get a chance to meet up with Rod and Michelle since they now live in NYC? The lucky ducks. Have a great time and hey if you feel like checkin out the midwest.....there are a few of us bloggers that would love to meet up with you!!!

Sohailah said...

lovely post. Poor, poor Skyler - it is ROUGH having embarrassing parents.... and it's only just begun.

You look as lovely as you ever have.

Again, I must ask... coming to Tulsa?

michelle said...

Unfortunatley we won't be in the midwest at all. Would love too but as long as 6 weeks seems it goes fast and we are protecting time with family. Will be in NY (R's fam) and FL (my fam).

Someday I hope to meet my blog friend and Soh, I hope to meet up with you soon. miss you!