Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pillow Talk

I know it has been a while since my last post. Since that time I have laid my head (and my families) to rest on 7 different pillows in differing locations. I don’t offer that as a complaint as we lay our heads to rest each night full of unbelievable memories of great experiences had with family and friends. Our bodies retire exhausted, as our “doings” have been many and amazing, however our hearts are happy.

Pillow #5 was the start of our New York trip with the extended Franzenfam. We were welcomed with 6 inches of snow. Fortunately Grandma F had the snow gear for the kids ready to go as they were venturing in with or without it.

Our dreams of a White Christmas were becoming a reality. The kids received an early Christmas present with a trip to Lake Placid (pillow #6) with Grandma and Grandpa. There Blake would snowboard and Sky ski for the first time.

They got to share the slopes with Uncle Ronnie & Aunt Debbie...

While those 2 skied, Grandma and I took Tori “sleighing” (aka sledding) per her request.

It snowed the entire day and it was absolutely beautiful.

Hope you aren't getting sleepy with all this pillow talk...fluff 'em up and get comfy just a little bit more.

Pillow #7 was a heavenly one (no pun intended) for Rich and myself as it was a trip for just the two of us to NYC. (The actual pillows were pretty comfy too.) My brilliant husband scored us a decent hotel mid-town with an unbeatable price….free! What a blessing! Our good friends the Hesters joined us….

And there we would see another 12 inches of snow...


We escaped the winter wonderland for a while to catch a show was equally awesome!

And just for fun as my pillow talk would not be complete without a pic of my hotty New Yorker...

Our pillows are permanent for the next 2 weeks wherewith I hope to update on numbers 1-4, the warmer Florida ones. Tonight as I retire to my down and fluff I am grateful to my Creator for all the wonderful memories being shared with family! We are blessed. Thanks for joining me for this edition of pillow talk.


Heidi Jo said...

what a fun pillow talk! sounds like an amazing time, and the pictures were wonderful. have a very blessed christmas franzenfam, where ever your head may be resting!

Vern said...

Great pics - thanks and I like your hat! Yep, I noticed! So glad you all are having a wonderful time. It's a wonderull life in Jesus. He gives us all things to enjoy. Dad B

Momma Roar said...

So excited to see your pictures!! Looking forward to the next segment!

Merry Christmas!!

Oh, can you take the snow home with you? ;-D

Susan said...

What a cute post and fun, well deserved treat for you guys and the pictures are great!!!

~Ginger said...

It all sounds and look wonderful! Glad you guys are enjoying and getting a great taste of winter!

Just Mom said...

Yes, snow can be fun. :-D

Merry Christmas, Michelle.