Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Franzen Fam Christmas

Our Christmas in New York was bliss. The Eve began with church, followed by a yummy Italian dinner and ended with the Franzenfam traditional peppermint hot chocolate and new Christmas PJ's.

A java toast Christmas morning

to Grandma's homemade cinnamon rolls...

and to the Ultimate Christmas Gift

After the Christmas story was read and a prayer of thanks given the "opening" began

There were lots of smiles

And some tears. Tears of joy in this case...

The rest of the day would be spent playing with new toys...

or reading in Skyler's case..

While the women got things ready for Christmas dinner adorned in their new comfy footwear

the men shared in the Christmas play

..or the frustration of putting toys together

It was a very Merry Franzen Fam Christmas!


Just Mom said...

My hubby suggested we get a Wii. I might cave in just to see the tears of joy that would be on his face. LOL!

Susan said...

Looks absolutely wonderful. Loved the tears.

Heidi Jo said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like a wonderful celebration.

We had a few tears of joy here too...amazing what a bit of electronic genius can stir up in the family.

~Ginger said...

Doesn't look like it could get much better! So fun to see the kids and all the joy of Christmas through kids eyes!

Merry Christmas a few days late. Glad you are enjoying family here in the states this year!

nickernoodle said...

We got the kids a wii also and they were THRILLED!!!! I think there were a few shrieks of happiness.....wait......that came from Craig when I first brought it home to wrap for the KIDS. ;o) So glad you had a great Christmas!

Vern said...

Now all of are grand kids have Wii. All I could do was bowling but the kids beat me in everything else! Great game, better than cards and board games. I'm happy for them all. Dad B.