Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Water, Wine or Just Blonde?

I enjoy praying scripture during my prayers and teach my kids to do the same. One of my token scriptures especially during the dinner meal is Exodus 23:25 and for ages I’ve prayed “Lord we thank you that you bless our bread and our wine and take sickness from our midst”…

Then somewhere over time I guess I decided it should be phrased a bit more kid friendly and started inserting water in lieu of wine. That and typically we drink water at the dinner table so it seemed a bit more apropos.

Well I have been praying it the original way for so long that the following took place the other night at the dinner table. As I was praying this and came to the word “water” Blake immediately interrupted me and in an almost disgusted tone said, “WINE, Lord she means wine." As if I had been drinking it and in my debaucherous state was unable to recollect the correct wording.

The blonde part of the story: Well come to find out that it actually is water not wine. I could not find one translation of the scripture using the word wine. So the question remains why for so long did I say “wine”? Perhaps it happened when immersed in this British culture? Perhaps I was hoping for a re-enactment of Jesus’ first miracle? Or perhaps when I started coloring my hair blond? I am just not sure…okay the latter of the 3 is the most likely.

One thing I am sure of, my 6 year old son will be asking the Lord to bless his bread and wine….at least until he can read.


Karenkool said...

Hilarious! It's so funny.

Anonymous said...

I got very confused as we have prayed this prayer for many years at our dinner table and always said "water". I doubted my knowledge of the scripture...oh no! I was afraid that I scarred my kids for life by teaching them the wrong words.

Thank goodness you are a happens to the best of us :)

Heidi Jo said...

you got it from the last supper prayers.

great story:0)

Anonymous said...

And a little child shall lead them - hmm. It must be the blonde! Sorry babe, that's gotta be it.

gaylafriend said...

ha!!! LOVE that Blake has such an open relationship with the Lord! ;-)

Momma Roar said...

"As if I had been drinking it and in my debaucherous state was unable to recollect the correct wording."

ROFL - its been a long week, huh? ;-)

Penless Thoughts said...

Very interesting!!!!