Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interesting Art

I thought I would debut some of my children’s recent art as it is quite interesting.

Tori (3 years old) is learning about modes of transportation in school and here is her depiction of a sail boat….

It is made of edible objects one of which is a chocolate wafer. Okay so you tell me, if you hand a 3 year old a chocolate cookie what do you think they are going to do with it? If you look closely she did as anyone with experience in toddler-ville might expect…can you see the token bite?

When asked, “And who took a bite out of the boat?” She replied, “A shark”….of course! She may be 3 but she’s no dummy.

And now for my son’s artwork. He likes to draw and give me pictures depicting yours truly. I guess he figures there are never any photos of me (I am the one always taking the picture) so he better keep me well stocked with self-portraits so we don’t forget what I look like.

Most of the time the pictures are quite complimentary …my hair is always yellow, he doesn’t add brown roots, my hands aren’t bigger than my head and I’m usually adorned in a slim fitting outfit.

The other day he handed me this…..

Not sure what happened to the slim fitting outfit in this one….I am sporting a belly as round as Santa Claus. I’m hoping his view of the extra pounds on me are because of the layers of winter clothing worn due to the cold weather. After all the winter bulge can't be showing yet…the season has only just begun???

Let’s just say this is one drawing that won’t be displayed on the fridge! As for the first display of art...I think I'll go finish off the boat.


Momma Roar said...

And here I was hoping Blake was privy to some info and you were sharing it through this picture! ;)

Um, what is the blue stuff on the bread?

Anonymous said...

ROFL at Blake's picture! Don't you just love your kids?

My kids don't draw or created for my anymore except Lindsey who uses her camera...those works of art never lie...ugh!

ange said...

Michelle, it's Angela here (Marci's friend) and I read your blog often. This picture Blake drew and your words on the matter had me rolling this morning!! haha! I mean, you are so far from that round-bellied image it's not even funny!!! lol, gotta love kids. :)

nickernoodle said...

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Those are great art projects!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Love the boat!!

Just Mom said...


Your son hands you that lovely drawing, my son calls me a marshmallow. Sounds as if they should team up and become personal trainers.

Heidi Jo said...

well i think you look lovely in that shot.

said by a lady who is right in the middle of trying to lose her winter bulge.

gaylafriend said...


Michelle said...

From the token ART TEACHER - I LOVE THESE!!!

How sweet!

Keep them crankin' out the art!