Friday, May 09, 2008

Celebrate Good Times....

...Come On!

It has been a big week on various fronts. So hectic I forgot to mention one of the biggies- my mother in-law’s birthday on Tuesday.

And today is my parent’s 49th Wedding Anniversary.
49 years…amazing eh?

Happy belated birthday Jackie.
You are such a wonderful mother, mother in-law, grandma and friend. My blog will always be vacant of horrible mother in-law stories! You are just wonderful and we all love you dearly!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Thank you for leaving a legacy of marriage; sticking with it no matter what! May you feel the blessings of 49 years together! And I hope you do something really special to celebrate because you daw-gone deserve it!!

Hip Hip Hooray for great families!! I will have a piece of cake in your honor….I guess technically that would be 2 pieces…sweet!


Just Mom said...

Happy Anniversary to your beautiful parents.

btw ... My mother-in-law's birthday was earlier this week too. And no, you'll never read a horrible MIL story on my blog either, simply because my MIL is wonderful too. Boy are we fortunate. :-D

Momma Roar said...

Lots of celebrations this week!

49 years!! Awesome!! A beautiful couple certainly leaving a beautiful legacy for you!!

Happy Mother's Day to you Michelle!

michelle f said...

Oh yeah and I forgot it is Mother's Day...that brings the count to 3 pieces of cake. It is going to be a yummy weekend!

Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary to Franzenfam's parents! Forty nine years is definitely something to be proud of! I'd eat some cake for that one too.

Also, your MIL is beautiful. I hope she had a wonderful day.
My MIL is such a blessing too.

Have a wonderful Mother's day Michelle!

Penless Thoughts said...

Next to our Triune God nothing like family. The marriage and then the family was the first things God established. Then the church.

nickernoodle said...

I also am blessed with a wonderful mother in law also. Its makes life so much easier!!! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.