Monday, June 01, 2009

Start Me Up

June has begun and on this side of the world it means frigid, hard to get out of bed mornings.

My wonderful, hot-blooded husband starts each morning a brewin’ knowing I need a little extra push this time of year.

Thank you Rich and Thank you Starbucks (and Thank you mother in-law for the cute cuppa coffee t-shirt)…you help start me up each morning!


Just Mom said...


michelle said...

ME TOO! :-)

Michelle Grace said...

What a cute shirt!
And your comment on my blog was too funny. You know I'm not a big garage sale shopper :-) It just wears me out! But if you were here to go with me- I would totally do it!

michelle said...

I could be swayed to go for coffee instead of garage saling. :)

Sohailah said...

makes me feel cozy and warm just reading it!