Friday, February 27, 2009

Exceptions to the Rule

We’ve never been a “family bed” type fam. Perhaps because I got some bogus advice after getting married to purchase a queen size bed instead of a king size..and I listened. Duh, I married a giant; that one should have been a no brainer! So there is barely enough room for me and the good looking giant much less trying to squeeze a kid in with us. No thanks!

Our kids are always welcome in our room if they have a middle of the night issue but they have to sleep on the floor. There are mornings I’ve nearly stepped on one of my children not realizing they came in the night prior, grabbed a sleeping bag and plopped down next to the bed.

Well there are always exceptions to the rule right. Our exception occurs when Rich is traveling.
I let the kids take turns sleeping with me when Rich is gone. After a few of the first trips this was modified to taking turns sleeping with mom every other night. This after realizing I get very little sleep when one of my precious darlings is next to me.

Well Rich has been gone since Monday and last night was the first night there was mention of sleeping with mom. Which equated to a lot of sleep for me this week.

Here’s my Sky all tucked in, comfy, cosy on Dad’s side of the bed last night....

She actually stayed on her side and did not snore or kick so both of us had a good sleep. It is the cute little one that is horrible to sleep with…..praying (for her husband's sake) that things change prior to marriage.

Anyway, may you have a good night sleep with or without a sleep mate!


~Just A Thought Ginger said...

My cute little one is 20 and her bed is a royal mess every morning with the covers totally pulled out and everywhere. I guess it doesn't always get better.

Susan said...

The tossing and turning and kicking seems to be part of being a "kid" and seems to disapear as they get older. A sign your daughter is getting a wee big older?