Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lending a Helping Hand

My mom seems to be in a blog fog. In part I guess due to me and my brother and sister…we take up a lot of mom’s day but I think she really likes it. Some of it is my Dad’s fault too as she’s been helping him with lots of admin stuff for the ministry.

Anyway since she has been absent I thought I’d help her out with a post or two. Oh, who is this? It’s me…..

.....Tori, the cute littlest Franzen.

Well I gotta get going, I may be little but I’ve got a hectic day. Lots of painting, coloring, singing, watching Full House and other random playing to do. A girl’s just gotta have fun.

Just wanted to let you know someone is taking up for my mom’s blog slack.


Lisa H said...


Tori, let your mom know it's okay. I'm having trouble getting in the blog groove these days too. I could blame facebook, or twitter, or the busyness of my life these days, but really I think I just need to get back to it.

Have fun with all that painting, singing and playing! :)

Susan said...

Good little assistant you have there.

Just Mom said...

Well, thank goodness someone is blogging.

Marci D. said...

Man I just want to kiss those cute cheeks. I miss her funny personality and quirky comments. Love you Tor.

Anonymous said...

My kids used to watch Full House back in the day. They loved it. We hated it for one reason, they began saying, "It's not fair" following in DJ Tanner's footsteps. We still laugh about it today.

Heidi Jo said...

we don't need words, just a post with that adorable face is enough:0)

Anonymous said...

How cute! The cutest and best little assistant a mom could have! You go girl!
I'm with Marci - would love to kiss and squeeze those cute little cheeks.
Can you lend her out?

Sohailah said...

she is so so SO cute!