Thursday, January 10, 2008

So it begins...

Come August all across America blogs are filled with pictures of smiling (most of them) kids adorned with new clothes and backpacks. It is the “first day of school” picture and tale post.

But for the bloggers in the southern hemisphere the bouquet of newly sharpened pencils (can you name the movie that line came from…hint- one of my all time favorites) and car pools begin in January.

Yesterday was not only my kid's first day back after Christmas break but the beginning of a new school year. So of course it must be captured on camera and posted about.

It was the end of their summer break and the weather was rather fall like…wet and cold, thus the jackets in the pictures.

Skyler started Grade 3 (same as 3rd grade) and the beginning of a school year is to Skyler as a theme park is to most children. (Okay that was some English rule I just did there…did you catch it…can’t remember what it is called though). Her backpack was filled days in advance and her enthusiasm-meter was at an all time high.

When I picked her up from school it was like she just emerged from the world’s greatest rollercoaster. She was foaming at the mouth, barely able to get the words out fast enough recanting every detail of the day.

We are still trying to figure out which gene pool she gets her excitement for school from.

This is her all aglow with her friend since kindergarten.

Blake started Kindergarten and his enthusiasm takes on a whole other meaning. School for him is purely social. Now we have figured out the genetics on this one.

I laid out a cool, first day of school outfit for him as his uniform days don’t start til next year. Although I guess it wasn't cool enough as he emerged in jean shorts and his beloved Star Wars t-shirt that he got for Christmas.

The only thing I got out of him after school was that Craig (his best bud) loved his shirt and wanted one. So Blake told Craig that his grandma got it for him in America but that he would tell her Craig wanted one too and he was sure she would send him one. It definitely gave me a chuckle but I did think to myself…I am sure she would.

For Tori it was a big start for all of us. She began her 20+ year stint of school with 2 mornings a week at preschool. I’ve always struggled with the “when should school begin” decision. Fortunately my good friend started the preschool where Tori now attends and she is keenly aware of my indecision. She allowed me to falter back and forth until finally making a decision 3 days before school opened.

Tori’s enthusiasm was definitely caught from Skyler and Blake which made the transition from home to school much easier. And a backpack on wheels like her big brothers (well not Power Rangers but with the ability to be pulled) was a MUST!

She simply was just as cute as could be!

After six weeks of having the kid’s home for summer break my morning seemed rather quiet.

I am confident I will adjust!


Anonymous said...

The kids all look priceless in their pictures. I always loved the first day of school and so did all of my girls. Alicia and Jen headed back to college this week. Alicia came home just like Skyler...Jen not so excited.

I love the little uniforms. I so wish my kids had to wear them. It would have relieved so much peer pressure.

Heidi Jo said...

i love the pictures! tori's outfit is so cute, and that backpack!! adorable.

what movie, what movie? tell us...'sound of music'?

happy first day of school!

oh yeah and my brain is completly froze on what rule you did too. it is on the tip of this english major's tongue...and i can't remember! see what having babies instead of using your brain does?

gaylafriend said...

I think it is an analogy which is a "this is to this as that is to that" but maybe it's also a simile? What is wrong w/ all of us??? Have we all completely lost our brains??? I'm w/ Heidi Jo- THANKS KIDS!!! (kidding.)

Michelle- how is it possible that your kids get CUTER with every picture you post? Skyler isn't cute anymore... she's beautiful! And as for Blake, well, watch out Darth Maul is all I can say. And Tori... don't even get me started... The pants, the shoes, the backpack, the FACE!!!

gaylafriend said...

oh, and what movie is that from? i have no idea.

nickernoodle said...

How fun! Skylar is so pretty and I loved Blakes outfit! Tori looks so grown up already! Time flies when you are having fun. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Heidi Jo said...

a SIMILE! there you go gaylafriend! a SIMILE!!!

i kept getting analogy too, but i knew it was more specific than that.

Anonymous said...

How adorable are my grandchildren - wow! Skyler is beautiful, Blake handsome and Tori - just too cute for words. Where did she get that backpack? I don't recognize the shirt on Blake so I'm assuming it was from Grandma Jackie (probably where the back pack came from too hey?)
By the way what picture is that from?

Penless Thoughts said...

Loved this and the pictures, Michelle!!! I love the idea of the uniforms. Our middle school, grades 6-9, here in Tulsa have them. It takes some of that peer pressure away.

michelle f said...

I knew my teacher/writer friends would take the bait. Soon after my post I was sitting (okay I won't share where I was sitting)and I blurted out.."Simile"

THe movie is You've Got Mail...okay silly I know but I watch it at least twice a year. Remember when Tom Hanks is sharing his love of Fall via email to Meg Ryan and he says, "If I knew your address I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils" or something along those lines.

FUnny thing mom about the shirt is that Rich got it for Blake in America...Guess it shows you how much the Grandmas get the kids..they think everything is from them. Yes, the backpack is from Grandma J and the outfit from adopted "Grandma" Diane (Marci's mom).

Lisa H said...

Great back-to-school pictures!

By the way, I totally knew the movie--I love You've Got Mail! I've watched it so many times that I think even my husband would have gotten that quote! :)

Karenkool said...

I'm so exhausted that I totally don't know what you guys are talking about--simile, analogy, You've Got Mail.

Michelle, you're kiddos look adorable. I can totally see the excitement in their eyes.

Tami said...

How adorable! Isn't nice that they love school? Your kids looked so cute on their first day back. Enjoy the quiet moments and do something fun for yourself.

rachel said...

to answer the trivia question w/out checking anyone else's answers: You've Got Mail! Also one of my favorites. I hope my kids have the ardor for school that Skylar does. I know I never did.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this now have 2 mornings a week without any kids in the house? who cares about movies and English rules...TWO MORNINGS A WEEK WITH NO KIDS!!!!!! Wow...I want to be just like you when I grow up.
- Kelly

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Sohailah said...

Adorable! You've got Mail? Is that it? I'm not even looking at the other comments, I'm just guessing.