Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fodder from my 5 year old

Kids make a daily blog so easy sometimes….

We culminate each day with bible reading and story time. Blake and I just started a book about pyramids and mummies. So I asked him, “Do you know what a pyramid is?” He replied with a confident, “Yes” and then continued, “They are where aliens live.” You can tell what occupies his imagination.

After a quick lesson on pyramids we continued our reading. When mummies were introduced into the story I quipped, “You do know what mummies are don’t you?”

This time he replied with an emphatic, “Yes”! I have to admit—I thought phew, as I was a little concerned with his alien hotel remark. And then he explained… “They are people wrapped up (still thinking phew at this point and inserting “deceased people”)… toilet paper.

So what exactly are they teaching in schools these days?


Anonymous said...

I thought mummies were ALIENS wrapped in toilet paper? - Kelly

nickernoodle said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is so funny! I love how their little minds work!

Anonymous said...

Obviously not about mummies and aliens huh? Too funny, Kelly.
That's our Blake.


Just Mom said...

Whoa. Wait. Your five-year-old is learning about pyramids and mummies? WOW!