Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spider Juice

At the dawn of 09 it was out with the 10 dozen Christmas cookies and in with loads of this….

Fortunately my kids like all sorts veggies and fruits. I visit the fruit market once or twice a week. Oh, they like the cookies too but are taking part in mom’s limited sugar mandate and they are so appreciative—NOT!

Everything was fine and dandy until they caught a glimpse of me pulling out the juicer. It was then the moans began as did the pounds of carrots being pummeled into liquid.

They have been troopers…they plug their nose, down the veggie potion and secretly pray mom gets over this phase before their skin turns orange.....

Well this morning I thought their prayers would surely manifest. Even though I was juicing while they were in school, I am ever mindful of them, as I store their share in the frig for an nice afterschool snack. How nice am I?!

I was happily creating my concoction when there was a loud sound and a puff of smoke. Oh no, I thought…she bit the dust…my precious juicer that has been with me longer than my dear children. Well after cleaning and some investigation I decided to try it again and was back to juicing in no time. Phew, my kids would have their yummy juice after all.

Upon finishing I noticed something floating in the glass of juice. Fortunately I did not shrug it off as pulp because as I scooped out the small mass I noticed legs….8 to be exact. Well there was supposed to be 8 anyway. Ew gross, that noise and puff of smoke wasn’t my juicer biting the dust it was a spider’s last moments of life and its remains were now in my juice.

So I am wondering does anyone know the nutritional value of an arachnid? Hey it might make for a new protein drink.


Susan said...

You are so funny. I once drank so much on a carrot juice drinking spree that My skin did literally begin to get an orange tint. Haven't juoiced in a long time. I ought to get the juicer our and give it a whirl again.....minus any spider's please.

daniellehodgson said...

Their faces are great!

My parents were heavy juicers for a while -- they did turn a bit orange.

I wonder if you like the juice or just it's benefits?

I don't enjoy carrot juice too much.

And spiders? Can't you just say it's African...we ate grub worms, so why not spider juice :)

Just Mom said...

blech and double blech

Gayla said...

okay, how BIG does a spider have to be that it makes a poof of smoke when it dies in a juicer??? fa-reee-kyyyyy!!!

i love how skyler is giving it her best attitude w/ the thumbs up while the other two are just being honest... ;-)

oh- and the 'word verification' below that i have to type in says "regurchn." i'm thinking that's what your kids may be doing if you make them drink a huge juicy spider!

michelle said...

Gayla you made me laugh!

Danielle, I actually like most fresh juices. Mine are more green..not a lot of carrots or apples as it gets too sweet for me.

They say if you "eat" something long enough you acquire the taste and I have been juicing on and off for more than 10 years so I guess I've acquired the taste. Hoping the same holds true for my kiddos.

Oh and for the record I never ate the grub worms...just made you guys. Ha!

Sohailah said...
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Sohailah said...

That fruit looks AMAZING, but juicing is too much for me. I can handle the Master Cleanse, but not the thought of juicing. It's probably your fault. We probably juiced nasty things when we lived together.

A spider that would phase a juicer that grinds carrots up sounds SCARY!!

Good thing you got married so I could live with Gayla and eat RUNTS and OTTER POPS and Frosted Mini Wheats as our daily meals. Not all three together, just each as separate entities. We shopped at Sams - those things came in big packages...

Lisa H said...

Oh, that is so gross! Seriously.

But I'm curious...did you throw out the juice and start over, or just go ahead and drink it???

Leah said...

The idea of a spider in the juicer is disgusting...it's giving me the heebie jeebies thinking of it. However, the table full of fresh fruits & veggies looks yummy.

michelle said...

Lisa that is a good question...what do you think I did? :-)

The fresh fruits and veggies are so yummy here and they are CHEAP! I am so grateful as we try to eat a lot of em!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

So, the marshmallows are sugar free?

Karenkool said...

EEEewwwwwwww! DRINK IT! I double-dog dare ya.

I have a really nice juicer that sits on my counter patiently waiting for someone to use it. The produce section is stinkin' expensive here in the Hamptons.

michelle said...

I wondered if anyone would mention the timing of this post...after my marshmallow one. Ging,I can't get anything past you!

I never said we were sugarless, just reduced sugar. However the marshmallow picture did take place in December. :-)

daniellehodgson said...


You did not just make us eat worms! That is not even right!

Even my last year there they made us MA's "set a good example" and eat them in front of the rest of the team (with a smile on our face of course).

That is too funny.

Lisa H said...

I hate to say it, but I'm thinking you drank it! Ewwwwwww!

Please tell me I'm wrong! ;)

michelle said...

Oh Lisa I'm only mean to the missionaries I am leading..hee! No I pitched the drink and scrubed the juicer before starting over.

Danielle, it was Rich who made you eat the worms not me. My motto was/is "No unneccesary roughness" just don't tell my kids that one or they will use it to get out of drinking their juice.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wondered the same question that Lisa asked and I'm glad you finally answered it and said you pitched it. I too thought maybe you scooped out the spider and kept the juice (smile). You could have done that and gave it to the kids since you give your missionaries worms to eat. Didn't know you guys were so mean.
Your Father is joining you and now after a fast he wants recipes with tofu! I told him he could do his own cooking. Didn't we go through this once before with someone - hmm. Also wondered about carrot juice after Marshmallow Monday!
Guess who?