Monday, January 05, 2009

Pizza Poetry

Sky My made her first pizza pie.

Mom to roll the dough but the rest she would know.

With a pesto crust she would surely earn my trust.

Olives, herbs, and feta cheese

This edible delight would definitely please.

It was pepperoni for the boys

which quickly silenced any noise.

Such yummy creations by my girl

So glad she gave it a whirl.

Blog fodder and a delectable meal

For me, such a great deal!


Marci D. said...

I want to come eat some with you guys. Sky - what an awesome job. It must be becuase you learned so many cooking skills from your Mom and I.

Lisa H said...

You're too cute--love the poetry!

And those are some seriously yummy looking pizzas! Way to go, Sky! :)

Michelle Arnold said...

I'm impressed with the pizza and the prose :-)

Anonymous said...

you're just too clever and of course, my grand daughter can cook.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy while you can. I thought my girls would be cooking the whole time they were home..wrong! I guess I mom can hope.

Pizza looks great by the way.

Heidi Jo said...

oh, a warning for the pregnant people:0) that looks so yummy.