Monday, August 30, 2010

The Silver Lining

A post for the Franzenfam Grandparents...

The toughest thing about living on another continent is not the lack of Starbucks but the inability to see regularly the ones we love dearly.

Tori had her Grandparent's tea at school last week. It took her a while to process why neither of her Grandmas could jump a plane and be there to watch her sing. Convincing her that where they would love nothing more than to be present, it was not possible. So her next guessed it, her daddy!

With a touch of baby powder he was ready to go!

Each Pre-school class had their "number" to perform.

I love the little guy next to Tori; he reminds me of a cartoon character..

After song and dance, we were served tea by the Grade 5's. Skyler was the waitress for our table...

Baby powder aside, we will be goin' gray all too soon. My silver lining....look who I get to grow old with....


Beth said...

The baby powder is too funny!

So sorry you can't have family just around the corner . . . we're just the opposite with both sides all moving to Texas—truly it's a huge blessing.

Great is your reward!

"And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life." Matthew 19:29 : )

~Ginger said...

Are you serious about the baby powder? Too funny!

I love that Daddy got to be the man of the hour for his little girl.

I wonder if someday I'll be able to be there for my grands (Lord willing I have some!) I've already told my girls that my name will be "Grandma Skype".

Lisa H said...

That is so sweet...I imagine it is difficult to have family so very far away.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't hold back the tears! Wish I could have hopped on a plane to be there for sure!!
Rich was a good stand in. Glad you explained about the baby powder because I thought he had gotten real grey real quick.
I know Tori did a good job because she's my grand daughter how could she not. Tell her we miss her and love her.

michelle said...

Rich def has some gray but added baby powder for effect.

Thank you Beth, you really encouraged me!

Sohailah said...

cute cute! I thought "Wow - Rich is even graying! I guess I we're all aging." HAH! And it was fake!

love you!

Just Mom said...

I totally understand the not having grandparents nearby. It's not exactly cheap for my parents to fly from Hawaii to South Dakota, or for my hubby's parents to fly from Oregon. But the distance makes our time even more special when we finally do get together.

I love the creativity of your hubby. :-D