Monday, September 03, 2007

My Kind of Flirting

….yea, you heard me right; read on…..

September 1 marked the first day of Spring in our global position. And although my allergies tell me it is definitely Spring, my eyes see remnants of winter yet the temperatures indicate we are on the brink of summer.

This weekend temps soared into the 80’s and it will remain nice and warm all week. My kids are running around in t-shirts and shorts, we’ve pulled out the SPF to keep from burning our pasty white bodies and we are contemplating trading in the heaters for our fans.

Halleluiah, Spring is here and is flirting with Summer! And let me tell you it is causing some serious heat!

That’s my kind of flirting!!

What is yours? (hee)


Beth said...

Wow. That was so poetically (is that a word?) great! Oh the hidden talent you have.

I guess spring fever is bringing out the best in you! : )

Penless Thoughts said...

We are getting a wee glimpse of fall and I'm as happy to see it as you are summer. I'd hate to live where the climate was the same year round. I love the change of seasons.

Just Mom said...

Beautifully said, Michelle.

Karenkool said...

Well, we're flirting with school--starts tomorrow.

I'm very glad to hear that you are heading into pleasants temps. It seems like time has flown so quickly. Weird.

nickernoodle said...

It so weird to hear about spring when we are well on our way into fall. I will be jealous this winter when we are freezing our bums off and you are sun bathing outside. Guess I will know how you have felt this entire time!!! Glad you are flirting!!

Heidi Jo said...

what joys comes with the sun, huh? i am enjoying our last hurrah of summer weather. not going to complain about hot temps that hang around in september...knowing that the freeze is just around the corner!

Jane-Jane said...

Maybe I could be bi-global! I love the heat. And it is quickly leaving us here in South Carolina. So if I came to stay with you during your summer, I would be warm all year long! Now if I could only get my husband to finance this lifestyle!