Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just like My Mommy (well kinda)

Tori's recent theme at school is "Family". To culminate the theme the kids would have a fun day and were to come dressed as a family member....mom, dad, granny, grandpa...etc.

Well those who have multiple children, or lack in the creativity department like I do understand when I say, I HATE things like this. I proposed her dressing like her daddy...large collared shirt, tie, facial hair drawn on with black eyeliner....easy peasy. Being she adores her daddy I thought we had a for sure winner so was a bit deflated when she replied, "No way"! Apparently it is embarrassing for a 6 year old girl to dress as a male. Who knew? The powder in the hair, flowery perfume- dress like a granny was also shot down and that was about all the creativity I could muster.

So like many other "important" things I quickly forgot about this assignment. Morning of "dress like a family member" day I had a panicky 6 yr old and of course everything at that moment was all my fault...isn't it always?!

Not sure if it was the guilty conscious, morning caffeine rush or divine inspiration but we came up with an "acceptable outfit" and Tori would go to school as "Mommy"...

Okay for the the record I would not wear a shiny silver dress or overdue it with red lipstick (well maybe) but the hat and scarf are mine.

Yes, it is the little things in life that tend to wear me out but I was grateful to whatever inspiration it was that struck that morning as I had a little girl quite happy to be her "Mommy" for the day. Not too bad in my book!

Now onto Blake's "Build a Scarecrow out of household items" Project. NO JOKE!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!
Okay I could see the scarf being yours but was surprised by the hat.
She sure is a cute "little mommy"

Shanygne said...


Heidi Jo said...

don't you love it when teachers give parents homework? ;o)

she looks beautiful, JUST LIKE MOMMY.

Karenkool said...

She's so pretty like her mama. I look forward to seeing the scarecrow photos.

Vern said...

Now I got a sore head as I bashed it on the computer screen trying to hug my darling grand daughter - this is toooo much to take! What a darling! Oh, it reminds me of my daughter who used to wear my long underwear to school. Remember, M.......? You may have to explain that! Sorry - but not really!just dad.

Sohailah said...

so adorable! Love it!

Cap Student Show Staff said...

I wish I was there to help ya Michelle!