Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...and Weekend

I hoped to post some pics for "Bits of My Weekend" however seeing it is Wednesday, other than this disclaimer I'll go wordless with bits from my weekend.....


Heidi Jo said...

gorgeous flowers!

nothing like a good hard sleep :0)

Susan said...

Looks like a really fun, and tiring :o) one!!!

~Ginger said...

Bring on the pool weather here in Michigan!

Congrats again to a blessed and beautiful couple!!!

We celebrate 31 on Monday...woohoo!

Anonymous said...

#1 - beautiful flowers
#2 - Aw!
#3 - Triple Aw
#4- you go Blake
#5 - Aw again.

Lisa H said...

Love the picture of you and Rich..too cute! Your hair is just gorgeous too. :)

michelle said...

thanks Lisa.. the pic was 2-fold, celebrated our 16th anniv. this weekend but also got my hair done. :)