Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holiday Week 1 Review

Nope not away on vacation just away from school....the Franzenfam kids just finished up week one of school holiday. It was filled with an array of fun and went far to quickly. Have a peek...

There were facials with friends....

Sleepovers and ice-skaing......

(see what happens when my kids stay up too late)

Lots of this for Mr. Goalie

(Official goalie shirt forthcoming...the Star Wars PJ shirt will do for now, can you guess who randomly pulled that shirt from his drawer?)

A concert 'under the stars' for Mom and Pop

A little rain

Yet the highlight of the week was the time spent at Impact Kid's pre-school....

Skyler was truly touched. She said, "Mom, being with the Impact Kids confirms my calling as a teacher." Now that is some good holiday stuff!

The Franzenfam Week One Holiday Review = 2 Thumbs Up!


Momma Roar said...

Awww fun post. Wish I was there! (well, maybe you don't!)

~Ginger said...

Skyler's comment just touched my heart. Love seeing your children in action fulfilling your heart's desire.

The photo of Tory and the kids is just perfect!

Glad you had a good week.

My question: Why did you post your children's friend looking so "lovely" with her facial and not your two? LOL So cute!

~Ginger said...

LOL, that's great!!!

She's cute no matter what!

You must be so proud of her and her willing heart. Love that she is teaching!

Hey, Alicia mentioned that Jacob and Betsy H are coming your way with TM this summer. I think she said you know them. They were her first project directors all those years ago. I maybe told you this already. They spotted her at TM and reconnected after many years.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and cute pictures! Regarding who pulled the shirt - I guess Rich was I right?
We are so proud of you and Rich and your kids - our prayers coming to full fruition.