Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Pot of Gold

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or so the saying goes, well we found it! My first few days in America were spent with the Baumruk families at Rainbow Springs (FL). It was stunning; have a look....

We stayed in a rustic albeit huge house so the 12 of us fit comfortably. These are some views from our balcony.....

We spent 3 full days tubing


Posing for pictures (my Dad and brother are the Baumruk photographers).
This is the "Mama & Kid" picture....Me (in winter white), my 2, Aunt Kelly and the 4 cousins

Making a Splash

After a jump on the rope swing

Not even the rain could stop the fun

Eating lots of good food


Playing oodles of card games

And just being wacky

We don't see family much but when we do the time is rainbow's pot of gold!


Heidi Jo said...

OH MY WORD. i want to visit there! what a GORGEOUS place to be. very jealous, but very happy for you.

Vern said...

Yep, we had a fun time! What more could a dad and grand dad ask for than to be with all of his kids and most of his grand kids? We missed you, Tori!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Vern except of course I'm mom and grandma instead.
We did have a ball. I miss you all already. (you know your Mom I was in tears reading your blog). Next time bringing Tori is a must.
We love you all.

Matt and Sarah said...

How fun!! Glad you had that precious time with family!