Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Ambush

Here me and my big brother enjoy a lazy float down the river.....

little did we know our kids were scheming!

3 kids approach and our upset begins....

They bring in reinforcements, now all 6 are rockin' the boat (pun intended)

Determined to hang on

My Bro bites it

and I'm close behind

Kudos to my sis-in law for capturing the Ambush play-by-play on camera...makes ya think she was in on the scheme....traitor. hee!


Heidi Jo Comes said...

the #1 reason why my hubby and i took a tubing trip w/ other adults...not kids :o)

Just Mom said...

Very sneaky... ;-)

Ginger said...

Been trying to recover my blog pals since losing all of my contact information. Glad to have you back!

What a wonderful place to be, the vacation, not the ambush!

So fun! Hope and pray to have a family time like this with our kids someday...all in one place, this mom's hearts desire.

Leah M said...

MIchelle - having grown on the East Coast and driving to FL for all sorts of outings.. my memories include humidity, alligators and lots of bugs. This is the first time I have looked at pictures and thought, "I'd actually like to go there." :)