Monday, July 25, 2011

Taller & More Particular

After 4 weeks in the States the Franzenfam is all together on one continent at the place we call "home".

Sky had a fabulous time and I have pictures to prove it. Once I can get them organized I will be sure to share.

I did however upload a recent pic from the cute girl I spent WAY too long away from. As the kids were getting ready for bed they were told to "lay their clothes out for school tomorrow." Tori did not disappoint....

Apparently not only did Tori grow taller while I was away she grew a bit more particular.

LOVE being back and enjoying the silly things my cute kids do. :)


Just Mom said...

Oh my gosh, she's more stylish than I am! LOL! *hanging head in shame*

Anonymous said...

And add to the list - smarter!
Glad you're home safe and sound and enjoying family life once again. But I must say we miss you!