Monday, July 18, 2011

Pine Cove- Camp 2011

July 2011 is definitely going to be a highlight for Blake and Sky. Not only would Skyler have an awesome experience with her Peru trip set before her but Blake was afforded the American "summer camp" experience.

The night before camp would begin I took Blake for his "last supper". He chose Ci-Ci's pizza (all you can eat pizza buffet) and consumed 10 pieces of pepperoni pizza. When your coming from Africa you really don't need Disney when there are places like Ci-Ci's...Blake walked out a happy boy and for $3.97 compared to a ticket to a Disney park we had a cost savings of $146. (I'll add that to my American shopping spree)

Sunday afternoon it was off to Pine Cove for 5 days of fun! Blake was apart of the Towers Camp....

We were welcomed by dripping wet (so hot outside) happy counselors, some on foot and others on horseback....

I got Blake settled in his cabin....he was a Trufflehunter for the week. Really nice accommodation!!

After meeting his 8 bunk mates we were off to explore. The lake fun.....

And the pool fun....

With the record high's that week reaching 107 F, those 2 would get a lot of use!

We said our goodbyes and he was off for a week of camp fun!

The following Saturday morning I arrived to fetch him. The room was filled with hundreds of excited (and sweaty) campers.

We worshipped together singing many of the songs they sang throughout the week. The theme for the week was "Rescue"...who doesn't like a good rescue story. We were told that amidst all the fun, campers heard of different rescue stories from the bible and modern day. Of course with the greatest Rescue story being told...that of a Father's plan to rescue His creation through His son Jesus.

After hearing camp songs, and snippets of the week each counselor honored their campers.

Blake's Certificate of Recognition:
"Blake is diligent to complete a task given to him. He is generous, willing to quickly provide for those in need. He is virtuous choosing what is right despite the outcome. "

I found the "near tear" moments with Blake and Sky did not come when saying "goodbye" but when I had the opportunity to see what they were apart of. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that my 2 have such phenomenal opportunities this summer with 2 such amazing organizations! And for all those that helped make it possible for my 2 to have been afforded these incredible opportunities; I am truly grateful. We definitely will "pay it forward" so others have these same opportunities!

We now await Sky's return and the stories she will have to tell......

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Vern said...

So glad for Blake having such a good time. I'm not surprised at the comments made by his leader - he's a GREAT kid and he's going to do GREAT things through his GREAT God partly because of his GREAT mom and dad! We love Blake! Grandpa Vern