Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Special Lion Sighting

No more posts about Tamiflu and T-shirts (I could tell by the comments it was a hit….not!). We’ll move on to a special lion sighting….

Living in Africa we get to see a lot of these…..

We recently had a sighting that ranks as the best ever….

Tori had her first big school play. Can you guess the theme?

And the part of Sarabi will be played by Tori Franzen (oops that was Lion King not Noah’s ark)

Our morning was filled with Lion King references (even though it was Noah's ark) and rehearsing her part.

Here she is giving her best roar….

Big brother stepped in to lend her some tips…..

Even the Franzenfam pooch, Keba was frightened….

The girls were a bit more tame…..

My favorite moment was when Tori asked why God told Noah to pick both a girl and boy animal. I did what every good mom does in that moment and told her to ask her Dad. (She’s 4, I figure we have some time before the birds and the bees).

Here she is with her teacher who also directed the play.....

We are grateful for “Granny” as many of the kids call her. Tori’s school is a public preschool and Granny is a strong, bold Christian that prays with the kids each morning and has no qualms about sharing her beliefs!

Show time……

Sarabi and Mufasa sharing the spotlight…. (there is that LK ref. again)

It definitely was the cutest lion sighting I’ve ever beheld….


Just Mom said...

Oh my gosh, she's adorable! But you already knew that. :-D

Anonymous said...

Okay you got me confused (it doesn't take much these days) so was it Noah's Ark or Lion King? Looks like Noah's Ark by the props - right?!
Yes, she is adorable as ever.

nickernoodle said...

What an adorable little lion! Thats a great play and looks like they put a lot of time and effort into it. No....I'm not being sarcastic. Looks great!

BTW.....I commented on your other post! I just wasn't very creative.

Vern said...

Can't wait to pet that little lion when she gets here next month to stay in our den for a day or two! grampa vern

Sohailah said...

So SO adorable! Love it! Good for her teacher. What a blessing.

Lisa H said...

She is the cutest little lion ever! Absolutely adorable. :)

Heidi Jo said...


silly michelle, in reference to the ? from tori, he needed a MOMMY and a DADDY didn't he?

i love the pig tails on cute.