Friday, October 23, 2009

As Good as it Gets

I have to admit “dress-up” days at the kid’s school is not my favorite. I know they are supposed to be “fun” and I suppose they are for the kids but for the parents, I find they cause undue stress...especially with no Good Will or dollar store to run to.

Can you tell by my attitude that we have had a few? When Sky first started school I am sure I thought they were great.

Here we have weird hair and big glasses day during spirit week….

And of course the annual “Proudly South African”. I did enjoy this one last year…click here to see.

Tori was feeling a bit left out (just wait honey you have plenty dress-up days ahead) so I made it “ballerina day” at home. I know, I know how cool am I? Ha!

She of course had to change outfits periodically throughout the day...

Today Blake had to dress in “Circus Attire”. And when did I remember this little tid bit? Oh 45 minutes before leaving for school. Fortunately he is my easy going child and we just happened to have a clown nose lying around. (I like to dress up at home every now and again.)

Add a dash of face paint and some hair gel and whalla…..

Okay so he might not be winning any awards for the “best clown attire” but hey that is as good as it is going to get!


nickernoodle said...

This cracks me up because I am the same way. I HATE dress up days at school, I HATE figuring out what we are going to wear for family pictures, and I HATE trying to be creative in both fields. I am with you.....I can't get too creative but I try.

Just Mom said...

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I can understand the hair gel, but you just also happened to have a clown nose and some face paint in a drawer somewhere?! I guess I better stock up on "fun mom" stuff.

michelle said...

Okay JM you cracked me up! With Impact Africa we work with a lot of kids so face paint is pretty much a staple around here. The clown nose...I just happened to get lucky on that one.

I am going to stock up with some random things from the $1 store when we are in the states...never thought I'd miss that store but I do.

Sohailah said...

Too cute. Tori is precious! Actually, ALL of your children are darling. Growing up so cute and quick!